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Quality steaks at Chicago Grill steak house Bahria

Chicago Grill Steak house Bahria town Phase 4 is just a steak house, but not in Chicago. It’s close to Chai Khana at the Bahria Civic Centre.

Entering the steak house gives a feel of any regular restaurant in Pakistan — stuffy and congested. The music playing in the background was EDM; I didn’t know whether I should order or pop an E-pill.

The waiting staff was courteous as the owner was right there.

Don’t get confused with the burgers, chicken wings, salads and the seafood — it’s all bland. Their specialty is steaks and that’s what you should get.

All the steak varieties on offer are marinated and medium cooked — I don’t think they do rare steaks. They all taste the same except that some have a little more spices in them and that is good.

I ordered the Wezi Wezi, which is a fancy name for a spicy steak. It was very tasty and juicy. Loved the soft texture, hot sauce and serving size.

The side order of mashed potatoes or the French fries are equally great. I personally like my vegetables with steaks.

Margarita and lime drinks without the alcohol were good too.

The place was not too crowded on a weekend, so I guess it’s worth visiting once.

Don’t even think of ordering the fried chicken and wings. They are not their specialty. It would be just another takeaway and an annoyed family member eating off your plate.

The only thing that I thought was not too great was the prices. For a family of four, the total bill was Rs 5500, that is way too high for an intermediate restaurant. I think the owner needs to ease off the profit margins a bit in these times of inflation, or people will stop coming. It’s not the rich that make a restaurant successful in Pakistan, it’s the upper-middle class, and for them, Rs 1500 per person, is way too high.

Overall, I’d give Chicago Grill Steak House 7 out of 10 just because of their tasty steaks.

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