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mocca coffee

Mocca coffee is located in Kohsar Market F-6/3 Islamabad’s Northern Corner, on the first floor. Although there are clone Mocca coffee in Karachi and Mocca Gulberg Lahore too, the one in Islamabad is a hotspot.

It is meant to be a cafe that has the right environment for reading, relaxing, networking and snacking for the people with surplus income.

Mocca the word means a mixture of coffee and cocoa used for bakery and confectionery products. Mocca is different from Mocha the coffee that is made by beans from Yemen, Arabian peninsula. Just keep in mind Mocca has nothing to do with Moccasin snake ,the slip-on type Italian shoes, for men and ladies.

Mocca Coffee’s menu is ‘gora-styled’ and extensive. Frappes, Semi-freddos, Mezza-Luna, smoothies, salads, low-carb brunches, tuna sandwiches, soups, and deserts all look very appealing inside a leather covered menu. They even have an Instagram account with hi-resolution pictures.

Making cafe mocha at home is not that difficult on a moccamaster, but you wouldn’t get the ambiance at home.

Mocha Coffee has a pure white interior. Leather sofas are placed in the middle with white chairs at the periphery. Considering it’s on the first floor of Kohsar market, F-6 sector Islamabad, the walk through traffic is low.

This is the place to be seen in Islamabad, to look hip. So don your dark shades in overcast conditions and sit outside in the terrace with your white friends.

Oh! before I forget, their coffee is good but highly overpriced. I guess there is no better way to keep the Pakistani crowd out.

It’s nice to sometimes mingle with the bourgeois and wanna-be-white, brown people of Pakistan. It’s a live lesson in anthropology where money meets class, meets ambition.

There are quite a few decked up ladies that have way-passed their prime but feel they still have it in them to sit all day in the sun, just chatting away their time with colleagues, bosses, friends and like-minded people.

The funniest thing about Café Mocca is that they are more concerned about who is entering and exiting the place instead of talking to their company. Then you hardly see anyone reading the stale books on the shelves at this coffee joint.

I saw quite a few celebrities at Mocca Coffee and somehow always come across my friend who has an eye for the ‘ladies’.

There was a time once when the white people did hang out at this place, but that time is long gone. Now the foreigners stay within their exclusive enclave.

Little riding hood would not want to wade out into the forest where big bad wolf lurks.

I personally like chatting with my company over a cup of coffee (mocha chino) at Mocca Coffee.


This is the Menu of Mocca Coffee https://tossdown.com/moccacoffee/menu

This is a worthwhile review of Mocha Coffee’s offerings https://newslinemagazine.com/magazine/the-mocca-experience/

This is the contact number of Mocca Coffee +92-51-2823723 .

For more reviews on Restaurant, go to this link.

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