India vs Pakistan Cricket Matches Highlights

India vs Pakistan Cricket

India vs Pakistan Cricket news and information sell like hotcakes online, but the two teams do not play as much due to political differences.

I have highlighted the best India vs  Pakistan Cricket Matches so that all good people can enjoy the time their selfish rulers get off their high horses.


India vs Pakistan Cricket must happen frequently for Cricket to survive. International Cricket Council (ICC) has to stop acting like a doormat of the Board of Control of Cricket India (BCCI) – as India is killing the sport in Pakistan – just for political interests.

India vs Pakistan Total Matches

India vs Pakistan Cricket Total Matches ever played Summary

India and Pakistan Cricket Teams have played 133 times in Tests, ODIs, and T20s, with Pakistan winning 86 times and India 77. Only India’s T20 record is better than Pakistan with 6 wins out of 8.

India vs Pakistan ODI Total record

Head to Head, out of a total of 132 ODI matches played between India and Pakistan, India won 55 and Pakistan 73. 4 ODI matches were a draw. The summary of these India vs Pakistan Cricket ODI matches  is pasted below

India vs Pakistan ODI Total Record Summary Page 1

It is an interesting read.

India vs Pakistan ODI Total Record Summary Page 2
India vs Pakistan ODI Total Record Summary Page 3

What is the India vs Pakistan ODI Cricket Matches Record Summary?

In the Last 10 years, Pakistan has won only 4 times out of 14 fixtures.

India Pakistan Cricket ODI Record after 2000

Pakistan has won 37 times from India in ODI matches after 2000. Do check out the Table above.

India vs Pakistan in World Cup 2019

India won the World Cup match 2019 with Pakistan by 89 runs because of the DLS method. Earlier, Pakistan had won the toss and elected to bowl first – big mistake!

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India vs Pakistan World Cup Match 2019 Highlights and Scores

Rohit Sharma made a knock of 140 Runs and Muhammad Amir of Pakistan made a record-equaling 3/47.

  • But the best bowling figures of the 2019 World Cup belong to Michell Starc with 27 wickets in 10 matches at an average of 18.59 and an Economy of 5.43

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India vs Pakistan 2020 cricket

ICC T20 World Cup Scheduled to be played in Australia from 18 October 2020 to 14 November 2020 has both India and Pakistan playing. Unfortunately, both teams will not be playing each other in the qualifying round. Bummer!

ICC under 19 World Cup match played between India and Pakistan resulted in a win for India by 10 wickets and 88 balls remaining.

India Pakistan Cricket Schedule for 2020

Unfortunately, due to political differences, BCCI has chosen not to play cricket with Pakistan at all in 2020 and that isn’t good for the game.

Is Asia Cup Cricket between India and Pakistan Cancelled?

Yes, India’s conduct in the cancellation of the Asia Cup 2020 event scheduled to be held in September in Pakistan has left the Asian Cricket Council scurrying for alternatives.

India vs Pakistan next Cricket Match after October 2020

The only confirmed India Pakistan Cricket match is scheduled to be held during the next ICC Cricket World Cup trophy match in England in April 2021.

The next scheduled Asia Cup tournament in Sri Lanka is also doubtful because of political differences between India and Pakistan.

Pakistan vs India War over Cricket?

Hell yeah! Pakistan and India will keep fighting over cricket because their self-serving leaders tell them to, and poverty, illiteracy, and disease is going to disappear on their own.

I would rather have an Ind vs. Pak fight over Kabaddi than bullets.

India Pakistan 2010 ODI Series

Pakistan Played India in Asia Cup 2010 Cricket Match Number 4 in Sri Lanka. India won by 3 wickets and 1 ball remaining.

India Tour of Pakistan 2004 Series

India played 5 ODIs against Pakistan and won 3:2 and in Tests played 3 Tests and won 2:1.

Ind vs Pak ODI 2017

India and Pakistan only played ICC Champions Trophy matches together. One was the Group match that Pakistan by 124 runs calculated through the DLS method but won the final in a swashbuckling style by 180 runs.

Ind vs Pak Cricket Series 1952

Pakistan Test Cricket Team opened their winning account in their maiden Series to India in 1952 with a win in the second test. Pakistan lost the 5-match series 2:1 with two draws.

India vs Pakistan Live Cricket Scores

To get the best live Ind vs Pak cricket scores, go to these websites. Pakistan Ka Score bhi milay ga…

  • Cricbuzz
  • ESPN Cricinfo
  • Star Sports
  • NDTV Sports
  • IBN live

Will PSL 2020 happen?

PSL 2020 is very less likely to happen.

Pakistan completed 34 matches of the PSL 2020 points table but postponed the rest till further notice. The postponement happened because of the coronavirus, but now Pakistan has defeated the virus and is open for business.

Now the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) management is because its incompetence cannot restart a cold engine and is embroiled in controversy with the franchisees.

PSL is what gives life to the India vs. Pakistan Cricket Extravaganza and also to the game of Cricket itself.

Pakistan Cricket Team list with Specialty

  • Pakistan does not have a top-quality Batsman. Babar Azam is pretty good but is not the best. The rest of the crowd is just above average – nothing super.
  • Pakistani bowling attack is still a killer but does not have the speed and movement necessary in international Cricket. Pakistan can’t use Shaheen Shah Afridi and Naseem Shah forever.
  • Pak Cricket Board has packed the Pakistan team with left-handed Batsmen, Bowlers, and fielders in the hope that someone turns out to be ambidextrous like Inzamam ul Haq – which is a long shot.
  • PCB has stuffed the team with part-time bowlers like Imad Waseem, Muhammad Nawaz, and even Shahdab Khan – this will not win them more matches.

India Pakistan World Cup Record Head-to-Head

India Cricket team has won all 7 World Cup Matches against Pakistan and also 4 out of 5 ICC T20 World Cup matches. It’s only in the Champions Trophy that Pakistan has defeated India by a margin of 3:2. Pasted below is the India vs. Pakistan Cricket World Cup Record.

Under 19 World Cup Stats Ind vs Pak

Out of a total of 9 ICC supervised Under 19 World Cup matches, Pakistan won 5 times and India 4.

Commentary on India vs. Pakistan Cricket

  • Nothing beats India vs. Pakistan Cricket Matches – period!
  • Virat Kohli is a decent Indian Captain and is not a shoda like MS Dhoni.
  • MS Dhoni deliberately threw India’s Semi-Final match against England in partnership with Ravindra Jadeja, in World Cup 2019 and got away with it because of financial interests.
  • Then, Rohit Sharma is the epitome of perfect batting talent that has been groomed to perfection. Pakistan Cricket, especially underperforming Babar Azam, could use the experience of being coached by super cricketers like Rohit Sharma, AB De Villiers, and Sachin Tendulkar – if they agree.
  • Also, playing against professional cricketers in the Indian Premier League (IPL) will keep cricket alive in Pakistan – but politics comes in the way.
  • Modern Cricket has gotten too competitive and yesterday’s talent can be destroyed in a few matches by exposing his weaknesses instead of improving upon them – like the case of Fakhar Zaman and Muhammad Amir – so IPL is vital for this talent.
  • Shaheen Shah Afridi and Naseem Shah are the only genuine pacers Pakistan has and they are not match winners – the Pakistan Super League (PSL) has to be played regularly to groom more talent.
  • Pakistan Cricket Board has packed the Pakistan team with left-handed Batsmen, Bowlers, and fielders in the hope that someone turns out to be ambidextrous like Inzamam ul Haq – which is a long shot.
  • Then there is the rumor that PCB is considering Shoaib Akhtar and Waseem Akram for the top post in Pakistan Cricket – that would be the final nail in Pakistan cricket’s coffin because of their insincerity.
  • Spin bowling Part-time all-rounders sometimes do okay in T20s but they will never work in ODIs and Test Matches – for that you need pace and seam.
  • Pakistan’s inconsistency is because of a lack of quality experience and coaching.

What is the India vs Pakistan T-20 record summary?

In the last 10 years, Pakistan won only once in 6, T-20 matches.

Best India vs Pakistan Cup Cricket Match Video

The best India vs Pakistan Cricket Match Video is from the Asia Cup.

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Till next time, all hail Cricket!

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