Funniest memes cricket

Funniest Memes Cricket: Pakistan vs India in Sports

Funniest memes Cricket Pakistan is a collection of hilarious punch lines for a team we all love to hate. This mercurial team is disastrous-one-day and glorious-the -next, which makes them very enjoyable. Well, you can’t have a heart attack during every match and not want to laugh about it the next day.

The best memes crop up when India loses to Pakistan in Cricket

Funniest memes

This is my collection of Funniest meme cricket Pakistan and ICC world Cup.

ICC World Cup 2017 Memes

ICC Cricket WC 2017 was the ultimate high for Pakistani sports fans. Nothing gets better than beating arrogant Indians at their own game. A perfect underdog story better than Cinderella, Pakistan true to their reputation of unpredictability, beat the top ranking team with mega stars. Now I can die in peace!

The funny meme video on Pakistan cricket collection is meant to troll Indian fans in good sport. Pakistan’s PSL finds took the team to the very top.

Here is my collection of funny memes and videos that capture the festivity of the win.

Cricket Memes of India vs Pakistan

Cricket is the best way Indian and Pakistani fans can troll each other

Light Spirited Cricket Memes 

Everybody loves Sarfraz and Virat Kohli

Cricket Memes in Hinglish

Funniest Memes and videos on Pakistan
Cricket Trolling through Funny Memes

Sarfraz and Virat Kohli Cricket Memes

Everyone loves to troll Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma

cricket memes
Virat Kohli Memes

Pakistan Cricket Team Hafeez Meme


Funniest memes videos cricket
Pakistan Cricket Team Funniest Memes

Hafeez is notorious for being inconsistent.

Funniest memes videos cricket

Fakhar Zaman Cricket Memes

Altaf Hussain and is “Aik Pappi idher, aur Aik Pappi Udher”

Funniest memes videos cricket

Umar Akmal Reverse Speak Memes

Umar Akmal is known for his faux pa of incorrect sentences.

Funniest memes videos cricket

Pakistan Cricket Team Thanking United Kingdom Team

Pakistan Cricketing Fans love thanking any team that wins from India.

Funniest memes videos cricket
Funniest Cricket Memes Pakistan United Kingdom Teams

Why Pakistani Sports Memes are so funny?

So, Why are funniest memes cricket Pakistan so relatable? These are my five reasons why the whole cricketing world can’t have enough of Pakistani cricket gaffes. 

Pakistani Star Players are Fixed 

Pakistani players will take money from Indian bookies and would hoodwink the hood winker too. So, you don’t know whose side they will play on that particular day.

Local Urdu / Hindi Trolling

Every Indian, Afghani, Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan understands Urdu or Hindi, and the attitude of our Pakistan players. They know what is desi street cricket and its rules. The Pakistani players have been plucked right out of the streets and hit sixers right out of the MCG, Australia.

The most harmless way of Trolling is Sports Memes

Indians don’t like Pakistanis and it’s always fun to troll their behind.

Pakistani Cricketers and Indian Babes

Pakistan cricketers always snag the hottest Indians babes which enrages Indian Cricket Fans.

ICC is not very popular in Pakistan

The white cricket teams like Australia, England, New Zealand and Bangladesh are thought to be Indian Cricket Board (BCCI’s) servants . Pakistanis don’t give them the respect they think money can buy.

Funny Sports Meme 2023

I can relate to sleeping while on the job because exercise in Sports is exhausting.

Funny Sports Meme
Funny Sports Meme

Most Funniest Meme In the World

Indian Mothers and embarrassing their Kids

Most Funniest Meme in the World
Most Funniest Meme in the World

Funniest Meme in Cricket

When Sarfraz thought he would get away with casual racism

Funniest Meme in Cricket
Funniest Meme in Cricket


Pakistani memers are so talented in conceiving funny memes because of the restrictive environment that doesn’t encourage freedom of expression, so emotions find their expression  in Memes 

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