10 reasons India World Cup win is because of Pakistan

India world cup win is like the Germans losing Berlin to the Allies. India world cup win is like the Bangladesh war, all over again, for Pakistan. If India wins the world cup, Pakistani players might as well take guns and knives into the Oval ground considering India has politicized the game of cricket so much. This is why Pakistan let India win in cricket:-

Indian leaders would have gone crying to Uncle Sam, France & UK asking for them to raise the issue in UN Security Council. India would have handed over ‘irrefutable’ evidence of Jaish-e-Muhammad’s involvement in arming Pakistani cricket team with terror inspired cricket bats and Kookaburra balls.

Mister Modi would have asked his Air force to sneak into Pakistani territory like thieves, to mitigate the ignominy of defeat by a vastly inferior team, in the dead of the night and run away to mama when chased by Pakistani jets. Mr. Modi’s spin doctors would have called it a ‘surgical strike’ — to avenge Kashmiris cheering for Pakistan’s win.

India would have asked the white-man’s club Financial Action Task Force (FATF) of the UN to black list Pakistan for beating a pampered team with more bluster than talent. All the elitist wimps in the club would have complied so that they could sell junk in the Indian market. To hell with justice and conscience for oppressed people of Kashmir.

India would have asked all its weapons suppliers like US, Russia, Israel, France, UK and Germany to stop supplying weapons to Pakistan, in case they end up with Captain Sarfraz and his squad of degenerates.

India would have prodded its sugar babies Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Nepal and Maldives to cry themselves hoarse on how happy they are in their relationship with India. Screw National Sovereignty!

Indian low life ministers like Mr. Swamy Subramanian and Amit Shah would have reminded their fascist Hindu vote bank how glorious India was in first dismembering a neighboring weak country in 1971 and now has to be repeated because Pakistan won.

Indian prime minister would have talked so fondly for the downtrodden people of Baluchistan like they were his khala’s kids.

Mr. Pompeo of US would have come to rescue the sagging prestige of a hopelessly shallow government in India by saying the Trump regime let India ‘deal’ with Pakistan cricket team.

India, US, and the white club would have prodded IMF, World Bank and multilateral donors to withhold loans for Pakistan, to let the currency fall like nine pins, just like our batting lineup.

Indians would have acted like babies and politicized the gentleman’s game of cricket by wearing military caps and trying to ban Pakistan cricket through terror attacks through proxies.

Pakistan let India win because we wanted to raise the stakes 1000:1 before we win the world cup 2019. We have Shoaib Malik as our broker.

Indians be afraid, be very afraid, Pakistan is bouncing back.

Peace out!

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India world cup won in years 1983 and 2011 and this is India’s world cup team match record. India’s world cup win squad and team of 1983 had real players, not like the current crop of bollywood pretty boys. This is cricket world cup winner list along with scores. Lets see what India does in the 2020 world cup cricket.

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