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Compiling this list of the top 225 places to visit in Pakistan was important because no one has done this

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How am I going to link Mankiala Buddhist Stupa & Rawat Fort, two towering monuments of Northern Pakistan’s ancient history,

Tilla  Jogian Hindu and Sikh temples. I had decided to turn back my 4×4 after a grueling 3 hours of

Astore (2600 m) is a sleepy town right in the center of trekking action between Diamer District (KKH), Skardu (

Shigar is the last town before we enter the valley that leads to 8000 m peaks of Pakistan. History of

Sialkot city lies on the artery that went all the way to Kashmir through Jammu. The colonial British drew a

Khaplu town near Skardu Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan,  is  the 700 years old kingdom, in the heart of Ganche valley. This

Domel inside Minimarg valley (2845m) is right at the Line of Control in Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK) Pakistan. Minimarg

Deosai Plains are a plateau at a height of 3500–5500 meters in the Skardu Region of the Western Himalayas and

Chilas Rock Carvings are symbols left by ancient Buddhist worshipers at this important River crossing. This city is a transit

Located at the foothills of Margalla in Sector E-11, Pir Mehr Ali Shah of Golra sharif shrine complex and temple

Akbari and Heera Mandi are the core of the old city of Lahore. History of Heera Mandi mean? Heera Mundi

Although there are several Krishna Hindu temples from Udumi, Kerala to Utah, the Krishna mandir near me is in Rawalpindi.