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Compiling this list of the top 225 places to visit in Pakistan was important because no one has done this

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Skardu Pakistan, in the Gilgit Baltistan Province is the city where people interested in seeing the 8000 meter peaks, usually spend their

Bari Imam shrine was built by Aurangzeb Alamgir (1658-1707AD) the Mughal, in reverence to the Sufi saint Abdul Latif Kazmi

UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Pakistan are Six in number and are recognized as having significant heritage value that would

Jawa Dam jet-ski site Rawalpindi is a one-hour drive from Cantonment Rawalpindi, just beyond the Adiala Jail complex. It used

Shumber waterfall, Shahdara Village is near Bara Kahu, Islamabad.  Shumber waterfall distance from Islamabad This Shumber waterfall, Shahdara is 22

We took the Northern route to Shahpur Dam, through the Kala-Chitta Hills. It’s a funny name for a range of

Dadocha Dam, proposed to be built near Sihala on the Kahuta road, would have solved the chronic water shortages of

What struck me about Mohra Murado was its tranquility. I could still hear the rustling of leaves and the stream

Buddhist Dharmarajika Stupa was founded in the 3rd century AD by Asoka, the Dharma Raja (Lord of Law). Then various

SirKap Taxila is the only Greek city in the Indo-Pakistan Subcontinent from the Greco-Bactrian times. Taxila city, which is synonymous

We drove to Taxila town, which was the Mecca of Buddhism in the 2nd century BC.  Jaulian monastery (2nd Century

I will help you find the best barbecue location at Simly Dam Islamabad Pakistan, close to the lake water.  Simly