Badshahi Mosque masjid

Aurengzeb’s Badshahi Masjid Lahore, Pakistan

Badshahi Mosque Masjid was Mughal Aurengzeb’s humble tribute to the beloved Islamic faith that nearly bankrupted his empire. When you are collecting 25% of the world’s GDP in one year, one mosque pales as compared to the vast lands he conquered in the name of Islam.

badshahi mosque

Badshahi mosque is within a walking distance from Lahore Fort. Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb commissioned the Badshahi mosque masjid in 1671 and had it built in two years. It is a beautiful mosque like the (Wazir khan mosque, another worth seeing mosque in close vicinity. Badshahi mosque is decorated with red sandstone with marble inlays.

Badshahi mosque masjid history

Aurangzeb Alamgir the Mughal had this grand mosque built in 1671 to commemorate the final defeat of Hindu Marietta king Chattrapati Shivaji. The British used the same Mahrattas to push back Muslim rulers of Indian states towards the West. It is said Aurengzeb erected diversions for the Ravi River close by and that’s why  Ravi now flows farther away from the mosque. It is also said that Aurengzeb intended to store Prophet Muhammad’s strand of hair here. Badshahi mosque remained the world’s largest mosque for three centuries after it was built. After the fall of the Mughal Empire, Sikh and British Empire used it as a garrison. Near the entrance of the mosque lies the tomb of our national poet, Mohammad Iqbal. Also near the entrance is the tomb of Sikandar Hayat Khan (British Indian Statesman, 1892-1942).

badshahi mosque

Badshahi mosque masjid location, map, pencil sketch drawing, and pictures are posted below for your reference. For details on the Badshahi mosque masjid in Urdu, please see this video.

Mosque Sketch Drawing and Jama Masjid, Delhi, India. Ink Pen(.). Copyright © [Hossam El – Pencil Sketch Art



Entryway, the entrance to the mosque is a two-story edifice built of red sandstone, it features muqarnas (a form of ornamental vaulting in Islamic architecture from the middle east).

badshahi mosque

The courtyard is massive and can accommodate 100,000 worshipers at any one time.

Prayer Hall is arched with five niches flanking it. It has three marble domes. The interesting thing here was that you can hear a person whispering into the corner of the wall if you stand in the opposite corner. Kids really enjoyed that, more than anything.

badshahi mosque

  Minarets, are located at the four corners of the mosque. They are three-storeyed. Each of these minarets is topped by a marble canopy.  

Every Pakistani must see the architectural and historical wonder at least once in a lifetime. Overall, it was a very good trip. Going there in the summer heat might not be a good idea. It is very convenient to go to Lahore fort on the metro bus.


Badshahi pulao and Badshahi mutton get their name from the same Mughal tradition of calling every special thing Badshahi “royal”. Badshah the movie, badshahi angti is inspired by the same. Badshahi Qila is actually the Lahore Fort close by.

badshahi mosque

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