Bhallar Buddhist Stupa Taxila

Road trip to Bhallar Buddhist Stupa Taxila

Bhallar Buddhist Stupa is visible from far off across the Havelian rail bridge over river Haro, near Taxila.

Bhallar Buddhist Stupa Taxila

History of Bhallar Buddhist Stupa

  • The current  shape of Bhallar Stupa was built by Asoka loyalists somewhere after the 5th century AD. It has stood the test of time since then because it was pretty high in the mountain back then.
  • Buddha is said to have made an offering of his head at this very site.
  • A sacred Buddhist site here, is also mentioned in the travelogue of Chinese Traveler Fa Hien (Hu Tsiang) who came to the Buddhist “holy land” of Taxila in the 4th century AD.
  • Hu Tsiang had come to Taxila to seek original text of Buddhist holy books when he came across this stupa. The place housed a monastery that doubled up as a travelers’ rest house.
  • It was at Bhallar stupa that the Buddhist holy man Kumaralabha compiled his religious treatise.
Bhallar Buddhist Stupa Taxila

Bhallar Stupa distance from Islamabad

Bhallar is 70 Km from Islamabad and it takes 1.5 hours to get there on the Wah Cantt – HMC road.

The road is narrow till HMC factory, after which it breaks down.

Route to Bhallar Stupa

Islamabad- wah cant main gate – u-turn and take HMC road – Haro river crossing

Who should visit Bhallar Stupa?

Only those people should visit Bhallar Stupa site who have an interest in History and Archeology, otherwise, there is not much to see for them.

The view from the majestic Bhallar stupa is beautiful.

Things to see at Bhallar Stupa

Bhallar Buddhist Stupa Taxila

Best time to visit Bhallar Stupa

The best time to visit Bhallar Stupa is in winters when the blood oranges of Khanpur and Taxila are ripe for plucking.

Bhallar Buddhist Stupa Taxila

Is Bhallar stupa safe?

The place is safe for families and women and is a peaceful place to have a picnic.

You will enjoy the video too.

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  1. Iqbal Khattak says:

    So, Fa Hien who came to Taxila in 4th century BC mentioned Bhallar Stupa in his travelogue approximately a thousand years before it was built in 5th century AD or even after that?

    1. Thanks for highlighting my incorrect use of words. Fa Hien saw a buddhist site here in 4th century, not necessarily the one Asoka successors built later on in the 5th century AD

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