Interesting things at Dharabi Dam Chakwal

Dharabi Dam

Dharabi Dam literally means “the place located between water”. That is exactly how it had been since the beginning of time, till the Dam blocked this tributary of the Soan River. Back in the olden days, the local Hindu Raja gave it its due importance because of it being a bread basket and so close to the Indus River. Lots of Hindus and Sikhs were settled here pre-partition.

View of dam from Guesthouse
Dharabi Dam
Walk towards Guesthouse

Route to Dharabi Dam

It is 120 km and 1.15 h from Islamabad to Dharabi Dam Chakwal.

You must take the Lahore Islamabad motorway and exit the Balkasar Interchange.

Dharabi Dam
Mud Hills in Chakwal

Huge Lake of Dharabi Dam

I have always been fascinated by Chakwal’s beauty, and this massive freshwater lake just adds to that.

The Dam was supposed to irrigate the adjoining land, but as competence is a word alien to our leaders, the water couldn’t be raised high enough to feed the adjoining hilly terrain.


Things to enjoy at Dharabi Dam

There are many things to enjoy at Dharabi Dam Chakwal, but I went to Dharabi Dam to enjoy the boat ride

Fish Farm


Hey, if you’re into fishing, you should totally check out the Dharabi Dam. It’s a great spot to see if you can catch anything! You can snag all sorts of fish, such as catfish, carp, and tilapia.

You’d have to get permission from the Fisheries Department to throw your hook inside. The numbers to call are 051-9330561-2 or 03181805772.

Dharabi Dam


Yo, if you’re into birdwatching, you got to check out the Dharabi Dam. It’s got a ton of different bird species chilling’ there. Hey, if you love birds, grab your binoculars and check them out in their natural home. I saw a weird-looking bird, reddish brown in color with an extended tail that I hadn’t seen anywhere else. There are freshwater birds as well.

Mud Hills of Chakwal

 Pictures of the Terrain

Yo, if you’re into taking pics, the dam, and its surroundings are straight-up gorgeous and perfect for snapping some sick shots. Go ahead and snap some pics of the gorgeous scenery and critters.

The moonlike terrain made up of mud hills that look like a giant xylophone with a knob on top has its own artistic appeal.

 Camping at the opposite side of the Dam

Hey, let’s go camping! We can set up camp at the nearby campsite and spend a night under the stars. Have a chill time soaking in the serene vibes and awesome sights of the dam.

The best place to camp is on the opposite bank of the lake between the TEVTA GCT Chakwal building and the Dam. It is perfectly safe to camp there.

Guesthouse from Distance

Guest house for night stay

TDCP has a reasonable guest house to stay the night for Rs 5000. This is the number to call 03155532070.

 Desi food

Yo, the food in Chakwal is lit! They got some bomb traditional cuisine. Check out the nearby food spots and dig into some yummy grub such as Saag, Chicken Karahi, and Cholay. Do not forget sweet Revri and Ganderi.

Dharabi dam

 Chakwal Spring Festival

Hey, did you know that the folks in Chakwal love to party? They have a bunch of festivals such as the Basant Festival in the spring and the week-long Urs of Baba Farid in September.

TDCP hosted a water sports festival complete with paraglider boats and jet skis for a while, but this time I only saw motor boats.

The green farmlands

The surrounding picturesque hills, valleys, lush green meadows, and the calm ambiance of the place are a sensory delight.

I absolutely love the green and yellow of corn and saffron crops in spring and summer.

Old railway station building in Chakwal

 Archeological history

The area near Dharabi Dam is rich in history, with various archaeological monuments dating back to the 6th century, such as the Katas Raj Temple. There is Takht e Babari where Mughal Babar addressed his troops, old forts, and a local museum.

Do read :

Kusak Fort

Nandna Fort

Malkana Temples

 Wildlife hunting

 The dam and its surround are home to a wide range of wildlife, including wild boar, jackals, foxes, and numerous bird species. Lots of people hunt wild boars here, on the banks of the lake.


The Chakwal people are well-known for their rich culture and traditions. Many festivals are held in the area, including Basant, which is widely celebrated. The people of Chakwal have seen prosperity for quite some time, as their lands were freshwater fed, hence their culture is welcoming and civilized.

Dharabi Dam


Dharabi Dam is an excellent trip for the whole family if they like quiet and natural settings.

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