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Which are best and cheapest tours from Pakistan?

This list of mine includes only the countries with the best and cheapest tours for people traveling from Pakistan.

Not all cheapest tour countries from Pakistan are the best.

For example, the “Stan” countries of former soviet republics like Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan might be very cheap but there is not much do there.

Uzbekistan has a lot of history that is tied to Pakistan’s history and culture.

Also see,

Cheapest tours from Pakistan

I have not included the countries that have the lowest-costing to travel from Pakistan, like Vietnam, Cambodia, or Kazakhstan.

Easiest Country to Visit from Pakistan

The easiest country to visit from Pakistan used to be

  • Srilanka
  • Turkey
  • Malaysia
  • Iran
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhistan
  • But after COVID lockdown and the new Delta Variant, the easiest country to visit is China.

China because, Chinese have controlled the virus and Pakistanis are using their Vaccine.

Best and Cheapest Countries to travel from Pakistan

By far the best and the cheapest travel destinations and countries to visit from Pakistan are Iran, Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, and Dubai. These countries are listed in order of preference.

Do Pakistanis require a visa to visit Cheapest Tour countries?

Unfortunately, all these 6 countries require visas for Pakistani passport holders, but getting a visa is very easy.

Where can Pakistanis visit during COVID lock-down?

Pakistanis cannot go to any of the European countries and USA during this lock-down


Best thing about Low-cost destinations from Pakistan

The best thing about these countries is that they all have educated, decent and civilized people living in clean countries that have not been indoctrinated against Pakistanis yet.

Package cost for Pakistanis traveling to Cheap countries

Also, a five days trip, with two travel days is priced around Rs 125,000 average per person, which is not a bad deal at all.

That is if you get to see some memorable heritage sites and party too while you’re at it.

Let me hit you with the lay-down. 

cheapest travel destinations pakistan

No 1 Cheap Destination from Pakistan Sheraz, Iran

If you don’t have a problem with having a stamp of Iran on your passport, then Iran is the number one destination for Pakistanis who appreciate Persian history, the Persepolis, culture, and heritage places.

Iran is the

Self Arranging Iran Trip from Pakistan

  • If you arrange your trip on your own, then:
  • Iranian Visa fee for Pakistanis is just Rs 1600.
  • Return Airfare from Islamabad to Tehran is $ 520.
  • Total Accommodation, food and Travel expenses insider Iran are $50 per day which includes
  • Accommodation ($ 40) Rs 6600 per day.
    • Food is ($ 7) Rs 1200 and travel is ($ 2) Rs 300 per day.

The not-so-good thing about Iran

The people in Iran are a little arrogant, but how arrogant can you get if you are very few foreign travelers there?

Total Cost of 8 day trip to Iran from Pakistan

The total cost of an 8 days travel tour is Rs 110,000

Food, transportation, and stay are very cheap and also the tourist fees on historical sites.

cheapest travel destinations pakistan

Cheapest Destination from Pakistan No 2 Bangkok, Thailand

If you book on your own,

  • Visa single entry ($50) Rs 8000
  • Airfare is around ($ 575) Rs 100,000
  • Hotels simple ones are ($ 50) Rs 7500 per night
  • Daily expenses would be ($ 50) Rs 7500 per night

If you book early in the years, the prices are very low in March. November to January are high tourist season and expensive.

Cost of tour of Thailand for a Pakistan

But if you go with a tour, the total cost for a 5 days tour of Thailand and Pattaya would be Rs 110,000

Partying in Thailand

Many Pakistani bachelors and party crowd like to go to Thailand on New Year’s Eve just to party in the open.

One friend of mine swore he partied in Thailand and came back to Karachi in Rs 80,000, which I guess is possible four guys stay in one room, in a shady part of town.


The ladies in Thailand can be deceiving, so ask if you are not sure if its a lady or not.

cheapest travel destinations pakistan

Cheapest Destination from Pakistan No 3 Melaka, Malaysia

If you book on your own,

  • Malaysian Visa Fee ($ 31) Rs 5000 single entry.
  • Airfare is around ($ 600) Rs 100,000.
  • Hotels cost around ($ 50) Rs 8000.
  • Daily expenses $ 50 (some attractions are expensive) Rs 10,000.
  • The transport system from Kuala Lumpur to Melaka is $ 4 Rs 1000.
  • Domestic flights Kuala Lumpur to Johar Bahru is $ 50 Rs 10,000.

Booking trip to Malaysia on your own

Booking yourself, the total cost for a 5 days visit would be Rs 200,000 per person

Cost of 5 days tour from Pakistan to Malaysia

If you go on a tour for 5 days to Malaysia from Pakistan, the total cost would be around Rs 150,000.

Some Pakistani guys have gone to Langkawi Malaysia and back on an 8 days trip on just Rs 80,000, but I would not recommend walking the whole country.

Malaysia is not known as a party destination. It is more of a family vacation place.

cheapest travel destinations pakistan

Cheapest Destination from Pakistan No 4 Colombo, Sri Lanka

You’d think Sri Lanka would be a country like Bangladesh, boy, are you so wrong!

Sri Lanka is a clean, well-maintained country with quality tourist sites and educated people.

I love Sri Lanka; in fact, I was thinking of living out my most productive years sitting out on the porch of my beach house, slurping mangoes.

You’d need to plan a loop around the island nation, starting from Colombo and ending there after six days.

Booking your trip to Srilanka yourself

If you book on your own,

Cost of Tour of Srilanka

Personal tour of Sri Lanka, total cost would be Rs 100,000.

In your personalized tour, you’d be able to include short but important stops like Sigiriya Rock, which the standard tour does not give you.

I would recommend booking a Sri Lankan tour on your own from Pakistan.

Cheapest Destination from Pakistan No 5 Dubai, UAE

Dubai is for shopping, period!

They do have

  • Ferrari Theme Park with rides
  • desert safari,
  • Sky diving,
  • boating, and
  • Snorkeling
  • That I would love to do, but are very expensive for ordinary mortals like me.

I would only do these activities if I have free accommodation and food there.

Booking for Dubai on your own

If you book on your own do read this information,

  • The Visa fee is Rs 13500 (very expensive).
  • Hotel stays Rs 6500 per day minus food, taxes, etc.
  • Each activity like desert safari, helicopter ride, clubbing is ($ 100) Rs 15,000 per person, minimum (Helicopter ride is Rs 40000)
  • Entry to every hotel or Mall has some token fee.

Cost of Tour to Dubai

If you go to Dubai through a tour operator, the total cost per person is Rs 100,000 with only jeep Safari and city drive – not good enough in my opinion.

I would only go to Dubai for adventure sports, and only if my buddy gives me free accommodation and food there.

Cheapest Travel Destination from Pakistan No 6 Istanbul, Turkey

  • Visa Fee – Rs 8000 single entry essentially required for all except official passport holders.
  • Even if you book your own Airline ticket during promotions, the return ticket can cost as low as Rs 40,000, but you might make a mistake in the itinerary like buses and metro to use and location of the hotel and that might cost you more.
  • From Istanbul, flying to other cities on local Pegasus and atlas global airlines at $ 12 per person, Food is very cheap at $ 4.0 per day a local transport at $ 1.5 per day.

Self booking tour to Turkey

A simple tour of Cappadocia and Istanbul for 5 days, the total cost is – Rs 175,000 per person.

Do try to include Beyoglu and Istiklal Street on the European side of Turkey


March to May are high tourist season and therefore expensive.

Try to book early so that the tour operator can catch some airline deal to keep the charges low like sky planner and skip lagged.

The best part of a tour operator is that you get to see more places at the same cost, with minimum hassle.

Turkey has something for everybody, especially the ladies there are gorgeous and they have not been indoctrinated against Pakistanis yet.

You can party like there is no tomorrow there as well.

Problems in going to Turkey for Pakistanis’

The only problem I see of going to Turkey for a Pakistani is the extensive documentation required to get a visit visa.


My top pick for best and cheapest tour country from Pakistan, would be Thailand

Thailand is

  • cheap,
  • the people are good looking,
  • their leaders have the sagacity to separate politics from the people and
  • don’t hate Pakistanis, and
  • it is a fun place to visit.

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