Top Ten Beautiful Pakistani Girls

pakistani girls

The following are my picks for the ten most beautiful Pakistani girls. Being beautiful requires courage, genuine respect, capability and tenacity.

These girls are the real Nukes the Americans and Indians are looking for in the caves of Pakistan. 


Zainab Abbas No 1 among beautiful Pakistani Girls

A few years ago, Zainab Abbas of PSL-2018 renown was a member of the women’s squad. Now her hotness flies farther than any of Universe Boss Chris Gayle’s sixes.   Michael Slater appears reverently silent when she is speaking. Katrina Kaif has nothing on her when it comes to artificial veneers.

Top among beautiful Pakistani girls is Zainab Abbas

When India sees her, they’ll be begging Pakistan to take Kashmir for a glimpse of this marvelous specimen.


Mathira Muhammad is No 2 among Beautiful Pakistani Girls

Mathira Muhammad is Pakistan’s most famous item girl. In Pakistan, the misogynists are silenced by her Zimbabwean origins, distinctive accent, and brazen demeanor. For proof, watch “mahiya” and “blind love” for the kind of jaw-dropping maneuvers that only a courageous girl like this could pull off.

One of her clips from the late-night show went viral and has received millions of views online. Her liposuction has accented her curves like never before.

Her bold and revealing Instagram pics have young blood howling like wolves on a full moon. 

No 2 among top beautiful Pakistani Girls is Mathira Muhammad

Faryal Makhdoom is No 3 among Beautiful Pakistani Girls

Amir Khan’s wife, Faryal Makhdoom, has been referred to as a “Gold Digger,” a “Kyle Jenner plastic surgery freak,” and a “cheat,” among other things. On Instagram, however, she appears to be in top form.

Because of their highly publicized fall out, they gained notoriety in the bizarre celebrity subculture. In the process, Amir Khan wins a reality program.

Faryal is a superhero in my book as long as she doesn’t remove her mask. Take a look at her and see whether she’s right for you.


Veena Malik is No 4 among Beautiful Pakistani Girls

I give Veena Malik full points for being in the public eye as she is legally entitled to do so. Everything about her saga, from her fight with bowler Asif to her racy Indian picture shoots to the blasphemy claims and eventually to her full hijab season, was amusing.

The truth is, she’s a hoot and a dandy in her own right. The lady is from Rawalpindi and has a lot of great entertainment value.


Saima Khan is No 5 among Beautiful Pakistani Girl

Saima Khan the Punjabi mutyaran, sometimes known as Atiya Khanum, is Pakistan’s preeminent theatrical performer. This 5 ft 8-inch dancer has been trained as a lady constable at the Sihala academy, where she learned how to make an arrest and lose her keys.

‘They don’t make ’em like this anymore’ is a common refrain from her fans. This dame, who is built like a multani mutyaran, has escaped an assassination attempt on her life as well.

Oh! Her bawdy songs were too hot to handle, so she was suspended for six months.


Nadia Ali is No 6 among Beautiful Pakistani Girl

Born and reared in Queens, New York, Nadia Ali is a Pakistani-American singer and songwriter. The Queens’ small alleyways have a way of bringing out the lady in females. There’s little doubt that this singer will go far in the desi music scene thanks to her stunning looks, toned physique, and powerful vocals.

Because of her good appearance, even though I haven’t heard a note of her song, I can assume that she’s talented. Wink!

Sara Loren is No 7 among Beautiful Pakistani Girl

Sara Loren, also known as Mona Lisa, is a Pakistani-Kuwaiti actress. Through sheer determination and some risqué filming, she has become one of Bollywood’s biggest stars. Intense gaze could pierce steel with ease. 

In spite of the tense relations between India and Pakistan at the time, she managed to carve out a name for herself in Bollywood. The most provocative, provocative, and devilish characters she could play were all taken up by her in Pakistan.

Hina Rabbani Khar is Beautiful Pakistani Girl No 8

Once upon a time, Hina Rabbani Khar served as our foreign minister. Despite her inexperience, she makes up for it with her ‘domina-esque’ deep voice, a well-coordinated speech, and a stylish wardrobe. 

Due to her family’s feudal roots, she has the right grooming, contacts and security needed to make it big in the shark tank.

The Indian media focused heavily on her personal style and appearance, particularly her Birkin bag, sunglasses, Jimmy Choo stilettos, and pearl necklace. Like her will to succeed on her own, beyond the accomplishments of her father; she’s also attractive.

It is a rude lesson in human shallowness how far good looks and willingness to shun conscience and morals can take you.

Hareem Farooq is Beautiful Pakistani Girl No 9

In addition to being a talented actor and producer, Hareem Farooq is also a well-known media personality. An attractive woman with a professional outlook may be seen in her interviews. Like she wants to own it, she talks about Pakistani movie scenes. She’s also a good actress.

Even more gorgeous now that she’s shed 30 pounds, her appearance is spectacular to say the least. Her first feature-length film will be shown in Saudi Arabia under the new regime.


Fazeela Saba is Beautiful Pakistani Girl No 10

Fazeela Saba, our sportscaster, is a pleasure to watch. She’d gone from writing blog posts to covering sports for PTV and then Geo TV. Currently, she’s a well-known face on social media. It’s a great piece of work!

That was a lot of fun to come up with!

An honorable mention would be Farah Yousaf

Why are Pakistan women sexy?

Pakistani women may be the sexiest women in the planet in my perspective; they’re hotter than chili peppers to me. This is because Pakistani women are not looking to dominate their guy and are loyal.

These Pakistani ladies don’t have to be plastic like the made-up attractive women of Fox News, nor do they have to wear swimsuits, tight yoga pants, bikinis, or short pants.

Are there Pakistani women in Sports and Politics?

Yes, there are several women in sports and politics, but how they got there is debatable. Some say mostly through connections with strong men – not exactly role model material.

Ladies in sports and politics, musicians, social media influencers and actors make up this list of gorgeous women. 

Who is currently the most beautiful Pakistani Girl?

Sarah Khan if Raqs e Bismil fame is a strong candidate for being the most beautiful girl in Pakistan

beautiful Pakistani girls Sara Khan
Sarah Khan

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