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For all those interested in knowing everything about Tinder Pakistan dating App this blog is what you need to read now.

What is Tinder Pakistan?

Tinder Pakistan is a dating App that you can download both to Android or Iphone, to connect to random women and men that match with you based on the basic info you provide.

Can you hook up with people while keeping your profile hidden?

Yes, lots of women on Tinder Pakistan hide their real picture and post junk pics and quote. Guys on Tinder generally post their real pictures.

Is Tinder good to hookup in Pakistan?

No, Tinder Pakistan is full of degenerates and women looking for quick money by scamming guys. There is very little chance of meeting someone interesting and genuine on this app.

Is Tinder Pakistan Free?

No, to get a reasonable chance of matching with interesting people, you’d have to pay around Rs 3500 per month for the basic package and double that for the premium package.

Both packages are useless because the people using the App are generally trash.

Is Tinder Banned in Pakistan?

Tinder was banned by the Imran Khan Government, which people bypassed by downloading Free VPN Apps.

Now the new government has un-banned Tinder Pakistan

Which is the best dating App in Pakistan?

I would say the best dating App in Pakistan is Muzmatch because the ladies and the guys there are mature, have seen a lot of sh*t in their life and are okay with give and take.

Tinder and Bumble are useless and waste of time and money.

Grindr was banned till last month.

The Kinds of Women you find in Tinder Pakistan

Chinese women

The only foreign women that find Pakistani men attractive and want to hook up are Chinese women, that have passed their prime, and some Indians from New Delhi.

Chinese women, I can understand, because I’m told Chinese society is very harsh on “leftover” women. In their 30s they try to bag any man, even foreign, to show to their society. These girls use every tool in their arsenal to woo Pakistani men like boasting of their high-level contacts in government, their wealth, and genuinely trying to help Pakistani guys make money.

Pakistanis fit the bit perfectly because somehow, Pakistani men are portrayed to the Chinese society as reliable friends. A lot of divorcees, single mothers, and 30 something women pursue Pakistanis on tinder.

 I don’t see any wrong with it, but tinder probably is not a get-to-know app, it’s a hookup app and how is the Pakistani-Chinese couple going to hook up across thousands of kilometrs of territory? It’s a nonstarter.

Beware of the Chinese Sales girls of cryptocurrency businesses posing as a prospective girlfriend.

Indian women from Delhi

Hindu Indian women from Delhi have a sweet tooth for Pakistanis, and I can’t say why.

They find our belligerent attitude toward Indians and Hindus quite amusing. Maybe they get a kick out of it, or maybe it’s the bad boy thing, but they are very much into Pakistani guys on Tinder.

Usually young and adventurous, these Indian ladies just want to chit-chat and see how Pakistanis guys are like. Total waste of time on tinder

Pakistani guys and Indian women do not mix

The lesbian ladies

Tinder offers these ladies the opportunity to find their kind in a discrimination-filled culture. Most of them hide their faces but do mention they are lesbians and bi-curious.

They never swipe right to the guys but are in quite a number on tinder. It’s odd considering Pakistan’s cultural norms discourage heterosexual liaisons, but it is a heaven for bisexuals, lesbians, and gays.

No one questions same-sex couples hanging out for days on end.

Tinder has a lot of such fringe people.

The transvestite lady

I didn’t know there are so many transvestites and cross-dressers in Pakistan. Because there is no normal way of meeting other people in a healthy environment in Pakistan, you’d find a lot of them on tinder.

Under normal circumstances, if you meet these people on the streets, you’d never make out they are transvestites — unless they tell you.

Some Trans’ people on tinder are actually quite well off in the entertainment industry, as models, makeup people, and high-end entertainment socialites.

Transvestites or Hijras fancy guys but donot proceed ahead unless the guy is cleared by their Guru – even on Tinder

The older women and divorcees

These women are professional in their day jobs and some have foreign nationalities.

After their divorce and after they have lived their life partying and frolicking in the Western countries, at the age of 35 they realize, they are not attractive anymore to the party crowd and they get insecure.

 This is the time they move to Pakistan and log on to tinder to get some rich, fun guy. The attitude these ladies have is so obnoxious and haughty, even at this age, it’s no wonder their first partner left them.

Divorced Pakistani women are still looking or the youngest, hottest and wealthiest Mustang they can find, not realized they are themselves not sellable anymore.

Divorced women on Tinder cannot wrap their head around the idea that a relationship is a give and take and they don’t have much left to give.

Another waste of time

Foreigners in Pakistan

Some foreigners stuck in Pakistan, because their relative is married here or they are stationed here for work, sometimes get bored and chit-chat with Pakistani guys.

These ladies are not the ones inside embassies or foreign missions, as they have their own clubs and hangout spots inside the embassy compound and hardly mix with ordinary Pakistanis.

I am talking of the poor western, African, Arab ladies that have to survive in the restrictive culture of Pakistan. They seek attention outside their boring home and end up on tinder. It’s mostly chit-chat and venting out for them.

They can’t get used to the Pakistani hypocrisy and lying in extra marital relationships.

Welcome to Pakistan ladies.

Foreign Gori ladies

Zilch, nada, absolutely none. No foreign lady swipes right to Pakistani men maybe because they feel they would be converted to Islam by force or they think Pakistan is too dangerous.

The only models that do swipe right are scammers from Africa.

Either way good looking gori women do not hook up with Pakistani guys on tinder. Only Instagram Hos’ swipe right so that the hungry Pakistani boy would log on to their Instagram page with a drool.

The prostitutes and high-end call girls

This is the highest category of girls on tinder Pakistan, number-wise. These girls approach you, you can’t approach them.

They start off by saying “I need some money”. This is a sign that they are cool on paid s*x. These girls mean business and they offer per night, one-shot, party event, and travel together rates.

The high-end girls are fit and petite and are educated.

They have social media presence with tens of thousands of followers already and do not show their face to their clients unless a deal is set, in case someone exposes them.

Mostly Pakistani girls are looking for white Caucasian men.

Rates for Pakistani Call girls and part time hookers in Pakistan

These are the usual rates for high-end Pakistani call girls on tinder:-

  • One shot girls        –     Rs 40,000
  • One night girls   –     Rs 80,000
  • One Party girl        –     Rs 25000 per party
  • Travel girls           –     Usually Rs 100,000 per night
  • Lower end girls   –     Rs 7500 per night.

Is tinder safe in Pakistan?

Tinder is safe in Pakistan, because you hardly hookup ever.

If you have the money to pay for a date, which a lot of loser guys do, might as well buy a girl from around where you live.

Review Profile of Tinder Pakistan is a very popular question on Reddit. You can easily download Tinder Pakistan App here. at their website.

Type of Scammers on Tinder in Pakistan

  • The white Caucasian lady that wants to send you a gift pack from a western country.
  • Scammers in Pakistan hire white Caucasian lady models from western countries and give them temporary WhatsApp numbers to trap Pakistani guys to pay cash for their gift that never arrives.
  • Scammers in Pakistan call you at odd hours saying your son is under police custody so you need to transfer money immediately.
  • Bank Teller scammers call your number to say you need to transfer money to their account immediately to avoid arrest.


Tinder Pakistan is a waste of time for guys that want to have a good time for a while and hook up. Others looking for anything serious will probably be scammed by con artists.

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