Imran Khan and Peerni Pinky match made in Heaven

peerni pinky imran khan

Imran Khan and peerni pinky are like peas in a pod. 

Former Prime minister Imran Khan has a shaman, Bushra Bibi AKA peerni pinky. This lady has snagged the catch of her lifetime.

Somehow, women have this innate sense of hooking the highest status men around them. Whether these high status men are good for their emotional wellbeing is another debate altogether.

The case of Imran Khan and his wife, Peerni Bushra Bibi is similar.

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How Imran Khan and peerni pinky won the 2018 elections

I was convinced that Imran Khan would lose 2018 elections, but his new occult practicing wife Peerni Pinky and her Jinn Bhoot managed to pull a surprise win.

Keeping in view Imran Khan’s performance in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, winning at the national level was inconceivable.

In fact, it was neither Imran Khan’s performance nor Peerni’s creatures from the Metaworld, it was Pakistan’s military establishment that brought him to power in 2018.

This has been proven by the way the former Defense minister swung his loss to a win in the same election after he called up the then army chief, Qamar Javed Bajwa.

I had predicted a win for Shehbaz Sharif in the 2018 elections, as Nawaz Sharif was doing a decent job, albeit stealing influence money that he got from foreign donors and heads of state. This money that was meant to buy influence in the country was diverted to purchase his private properties in the UK.

Pakistan’ MilEstabishment disrupted a well-functioning democratic order to keep the pot boiling and avoid accountability.

The result is an even more fractured Pakistani society that is already in grave danger both inside and abroad.

Why would Pakistan’s elite care, since all their assets and kids are already abroad, in reward for their deference and slavery of neo-colonial powers of the world.

Why did Imran Khan’s government fall in 2022?

Although Imran Khan has the qualities to become a good leader, the country has very little talent available to produce results from a hopeless situation, and that caught up to him.

He had no real team to bring about the change that the people crave.

Dramatics and emotions cannot help you cross the finish line that is people’s wellbeing.

This time, we will talk of Imran Khan’s Occult leaning wife Peerni Pinky

Imran Khan Peerni Pinky foreboding

In the last quarter of 2021, Peerni Pinky had presaged dark days for Imran Khan had he let go of the previous prime backer Faiz Hameed of ISI and the fall did come.

Bushra Bibi Peerni Pinky history

Born on August 16, 1973 in Pakpattan to Maneka family that is a sub clan of Wattoo, Bushra Bibi (peerni pinky) has elevated herself to the top post of the country in just 47 years, while I am still a bottom feeder.

What does Peerni Pinky mean?

Peerni is another word for spiritual woman and Pinky is her nickname.

Bushra Bibi Peerni Pinky age

Bushra Bibi was born on August 16, 1973 that makes her 49 years old in 2022.

Bushra Bibi and his friend Farah Khan

Farah Khan is an old time friend of Bushra Bibi who opposition parties PPP and PML N have accused of influencing postings, and contract award.

This lady Farah khan’s real name is Farhat Shehzadi and is the wife of Ahsan Jamil, businessmen in Dubai.

As soon as Imran Khan’s government fell, in the center, the whole lot of leeches left for Dubai.

Negatives of Imran Khan in 2018

Even then, I thought Imran Khan was too focused on removing Nawaz Sharif (NS) instead of consolidating hold on KPK, but peerni pulled a rabbit out of a hat.

Imran Khan has lots of charisma and energy, what he doesn’t have is focus on people’s welfare. Don’t get me wrong, I once was a fan.

There is a huge difference in saying the right things and actually making things happen for people.

I was looking for a leader with deep-rooted conviction in the greatness of Pakistan and its people; someone who was convinced in the idea of this country and its destiny. I was looking for the giant with nerves of steel who could stand up to the storm of vested interests, blood-sucking leeches, and turf gangs and shepherd his people out of slavery and hopelessness.

All this must be followed up closely with a highly capable team of doers in the background.

My take is that democracy pushes up genuine leadership and people’s choice is never wrong, but 2018 doesn’t seem to be the year of emancipation.

But at least his wife, the national bhabi peerni pinky, is happy.


Imran Khan Peerni Pinky marriage 

Although is legally fine, the mystery surrounding IK’s frequent visits to her happy home, her linking their marriage to the premiership, her sudden divorce followed by Imran Khan’s denial is not what Pakistani society appreciates. His reputation as a responsible family man has suffered a huge hit.

In Pakistan, a man is considered incomplete if he isn’t raising a decent family. Imran khan has lost the decent family man vote for sure.

This YouTube video of Bushra Bhabhi peerni is quite informative.

Scoop on Bushra Bibi

Some more scoops on Bushra Maneka AKA Peerni Pinky for you couch potatoes. . .

Quote Imran Khan Peerni Pinky

Imran Khan said about peerni pinky “my interest in Sufism started 30 years ago. It changed my life. Sufism is an order with many levels, but I have never met anyone as high as my wife (bushra Bibi). My interest in her began with that.”

Peerni Bushra Bibi’s quote on Imran Khan

This is what Bushra Bibi peerni pinky had to say after being elevated to the first lady role,” I am sure Imran khan will fulfill his promise to Pakistan. Allah has given us great responsibility. Power comes and goes. Imran Khan aims to eliminate poverty in his country. He wants to improve the health and education systems in Pakistan”

Qandeel Baloch on Peerni Pinky

The explosive revelation by the now murdered Qandeel Baloch on Bushra Peerni Pinky and her designs on Imran Khan are interesting.

Khawar Maneka and Peerni Pinky

Khawar Maneka is the disgraced former husband of peerni pinky. I wonder what limit these low-life’s can go to get their piece of power glory.

This is Bushra Bibi’s former husband and another earth-shattering expose by the Daily times.


Imran Khan and Ayesha Gulalai scandal

Before this marriage came the Ayesha Gulalai texting scandal. If he had to solicit favor from the lady, he should have been more careful in approaching someone discreetly. The way she opened up about his un-civilized texts has shown IK in poor light as a lewd predator.

He has lost the idealistic woman voter here.

The great thing about Imran Khan and his women is that he never discusses them in public, just like a true woman’s man.


Imran Khan and Reham Khan

Before that, Imran Khan’s sudden marriage declaration and subsequent divorce from the ambitious Reham Khan showed him as recklessly impulsive in personal dealings. Pakistanis pride themselves in consulting our families in the matrimonial decisions and then sticking by our wives.

Being a celebrity, he should have known better and exercised prudence. Here he lost his ideologue followers when Reham tried making a sideways entry into the top slot.

Imran Khan’s assault on the Parliament and Pakistan TV

Before that was his disastrous assault on the parliament gate and PTV center.

Who was the winner in the end?

Imran Khan got his 3.5 years of fame, Nawaz Sharif to save his ill-gotten wealth and the Generals got a free hand to make money instead of focusing on defense.


IK’s relentless focus on ousting Nawaz Sharif (NS) instead of building up KPK province and collecting a solid team of performers is the reason for his ultimate downfall in 2022.

There are no short cuts in life.

Imran Khan is disenfranchising the lower middle class who was tired of traffic jams, joblessness, pollution, lack of decent housing; problems of public transportation, sewerage, and poor law and order.

Pakistan’s establishment got tired of their experiment when they realized the economy is not improving and their boy is bringing heat to their cozy offices.

If you want me to write the brutal truth on other issues concerning Pakistan, please do inbox me.

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