Imran Khan, former Prime Minister, is needed more than ever

Imran khan of Pakistan

Now that Imran Khan of Pakistan has given hope to the downtrodden and invisible, they need his strength to stand up from the filth they have been debased to.

Why did they bring down Imran Khan’s Government?

The military establishment brought in Imran Khan as prime minister, thinking that he would knock out the entrenched political elite such as Nawaz Sharif and Zardari and in turn help maintain the dominance of the military chief.

The flesh -eating maggots thought Imran Khan is still the cricketer and young heartthrob of yesteryear and can be blackmailed anytime.

That didnot happen.

Imran Khan not only sidelined the corrupt political elite but also threatened to expose military generals who have had a smooth sailing stashing their loot abroad – unchallenged.

Who brought down Imran Khan in Pakistan?

The soft coup by this elite had to come, and it did after a tacit nod from the USA. USA is like the bored Roman soldiers who thought it convenient for the Jewish clergy to take the blame for crucifixion of rabble rousing Prophet Jesus – and gave a go ahead.

Why Is essential to protest now?

Now that Imran Khan is out of power and facing the wrath of the administrative machinery so used to boot-licking the military elite, people are thinking, is it even worth it.

  • Is it even worth the effort to take on the wrath of unhinged, gun totting military bureaucrats who are convince they are right and the whole country is wrong.
  • Is it even worth the effort to disappear without a trace for a cause that no one really understands
  • Is it even worth the effort to lose your name, family, income, health, mental well-being, and safety merely for the ideal of getting scraps of dignity thrown towards wretched Pakistanis – who don’t even know how important it is?
  • Is it even worth emulating the great people before us who lost everything just so that the truth reveals itself and the weak stand up?
  • Is Pakistan existence dearer to me more than it is for the people who have made fortunes from this poor country and dumped it, never to return?
  • Am I the only one who believe that children of a lesser God deserve justice?
  • Why torment yourself for a secret that only the powerful and the wicked share with the altruistic and idealistic.

Every time, the answer is yes – seeking justice is destiny manife

“Standup firmly for justice as a witness to God, even as against yourselves or your parents or your inland whether it be against rich or poor” Surah 4:135

The whole country is forced to decide whether it is worth following a truthful campaigner or play safe with a vengeful dictatorial elite?

Why is the Pakistani elite suppressing dissent?

The problem will all dictators is that they crowd out true political expressions and encourage regressive forces that decimate all things worth living for

Now, the corrupt military, political and judicial elite have their heads together in finding ways to neutralize the idealistic Imran Khan, since they have promised their masters in USA to do exactly that.

This mafia wants everything back to normal where they call the shots in the country, and no one dares to ask any question.

The baseness of this elite can be gauged by the fact that they preferred the country to go bankrupt than allow the genuine people’s voice to be heard.

Will Imran Khan fall?

This criminal gang will eventually overpower Imran Khan because he doesn’t have a backup. The grass -root political culture was never allowed to develop enough to allow strong leaders to rise up the ranks. These are the kind of leaders that Pakistan needs right now.

Pakistan’s poor, which comprise 80% of the masses, need institutions to unlock their potential, which this suffocating system is incapable of expending.

The exploitation by blood sucking institution, led by narcissistic heads that are too self-serving and incompetent to deliver the nation, is the real cause of Pakistan’s failure.

Whoever told you Generals are saviors? If they were so useful, how come none of the developing world has Generals in charge?

Is there anyone in Pakistan who can hold these generals accountable and under the rule of law?

It is only once the question of rule of law is settled that the question of a functioning country can be thought about.

FAQs about Imran Khan Pakistani Prime minister

What is Imran Khan’s age?

Imran Khan was 70 as of February 2023 (Born 5 Oct, 1952)

Who is Imran Khan’s wife?

Imran Khan’s wife is Bushra Bibi AKA Peerni Pinky the occult practitioner. His first wife was Jemima Goldsmith of UK and second wife was Reham Khan, the opportunist.

How was Imran Khan like while he was young?

Handsome is the answer


This is the time to rise up against the rotten military bureaucrats, the self-serving judges, the corrupt politicians – or forever hold your peace in slavery

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