Imran Khan's UN speech

Imran Khan’s UN speech a foreboding for Modi

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Kashmir speech in UN General Assembly in September 2019, was a foreboding for things to come for Mr Modi of India. In the 50 minutes speech time Imran Khan’s at UNGA, all I could hear was his ultimatum to Mr. Modi in Urdu “Yeh royain ge; mai inko rulaoon ga (they will weep; I’ll make them weep)”

The four main topics he touched upon in his address were:-

Green houses gases are melting our Glaciers, destroying societies downstream. The Global polluters need to show some responsibility and stop making life unbearable for us measly countries.

Parking corruption money in western countries is permitted, and sometimes protected behind high legal fees. On the other hand, all effective focus is on terror and drug money. Why the hypocrisy?

Islamophobia, after 9/11, leads to the marginalization of the Muslims, which further lead to radicalization. Islam, as taught to us by Prophet Muhammad, like all other religion talks of compassion. Prophet Muhammad introduced radical measures in Medina’s society like concept of a welfare state that was unheard off in those times, especially equality, rights of women and slaves. One Khalifa of Islam, Ali lost a court case against a Jewish citizen and had to pay up. When a Muslim society doesn’t do justice to non-Muslims, it goes against the teachings of Islam. He is the ideal Muslims aspire to be; attacking this prophet hurts the sentiments of Muslims, and is counterproductive.

No Pakistani was involved in 9/11, still, 70,000 Pakistanis died in War on Terror.

 After taking over the government, Pakistan tried to mend fences with India that was being led by ultra-nationalists. Instead of reciprocating in Kashmir, India went against eleven UN resolutions to right of self-determination, against Simla agreement on solving issues bilaterally, went against their own constitution on special status of Kashmir. They put 8 mil people under curfew and poured 900,000 troops there.

Mr Modi is part of RSS party that is inspired by fascist Adolf Hitler and Mussolini. RSS believes in ethnic cleansing of Muslims of India and hate. It is this ideology that killed Gandhi, India’s founding father. RSS’s arrogance has killed 100,000 Kashmiris and 11000 have been raped.

There would be a bloodbath in Kashmir whenever curfew is lifted. Indians are looking for an excuse to blame the reaction of boxed-in Kashmiris on Pakistan. Why would Pakistan send 500 terrorists to fight 0.9 million Indian troops?

UN has to act. Is the UN going to appease a market of 1.2 billion Indians or stand up for justice and humanity?

If conventional war starts, faced with a choice of surrendering, we will fight till the end and that would have global implications as Pakistan is a nuclear power.

UN guaranteed the people the right of self-determination; they are suffering because of that. This is not the time to appease and force India to lift the curfew, free political prisoner and also the 13000 boys picked up by security troops. Then Kashmiris have to be ultimately given the right of self-determination.

Here is video link to his speech.

One thing Imran Khan has done is wipe away the ignominy of his messy divorce and poor economic performance — for a while

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Now starts my commentary on the speech and its implications.

Mr. Modi and his psychopathic bunch Rajnath Singh, Subramanian Swami, Ajit Doval and Amit Shah, must be wringing their hands on how Imran Khan made them look like blood thirsty tyrants — not the image of yogis the west wants everyone to see. Building up India as counter weight to china is one thing, but looking the other way to oppression and tyranny is another.

I firmly believe, given one more year, Imran Khan will make Mr. Modi and his racist posse wish they never ticked off this Khan.

This Indian arrogance comes from a racist mindset and the riches they have piled up in their temples, like centuries before. The Western countries see Gold and are blind to the suffering of Muslims in Kashmir.

War will happen, like it did when Aurangzeb Alamgir got tired of Hindu intrigue and rolled over all of India. Also, the way Ahmad Shah Abdali smashed the combined army of India as a consequence of intrigue of Hindu Marhattas and Sikh Ranjit Singh’s collusion with Europeans to push Muslim rulers behind Indus River (in the 18th century).

The only way India can live in peace is by giving maximum autonomy to Kashmir, zero troops on ground, no change in demographics and accept the uniqueness of the Muslim way of life.

If India does not settle these political issues with Pakistan, their fate would be no different from what happened to Rome under the weight of Goth and Barbarian attacks.

Post Script.

Pakistan PM Imran Khan’s United Nations speech (Khitab)is being watched all over including Bangla desh. Another of Imran Khan’s great speech in United States Institute of Peace in Urdu subtitles is worth listening to. All those who wish Imran Khan was snubbed during his United States visit, better watch this grand reception. And here is United Kingdom’s report on Imran Khan speech.

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