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Myers Briggs Personality Test : 16 Personalities

Myers Briggs Type Indicator Test (MBTI) or 16-Personality Assessment Test is the most widely administered personality assessment test in the world.

Best Personality Assessment Test for Employment MBTI or DISC

MBTI may not be the holy grail of personality assessment tests, still, you’d get a pretty accurate picture of pigeon hole you fit into, in this life. There is the DISC Personality Assessment Test also, but that doesn’t give hidden reasons for your behavior like the Myers Briggs does, so may not be the best test to bring about inner understanding.

INFP Myers Briggs Personality Mediator - Compassionate , Introverted , Intuition, Feeling and Perceiving
INFP Myers Briggs Personality Mediator – Compassionate , Introverted , Intuition, Feeling and Perceiving

Where can I take the MBTI Myers Briggs Test?

If you want to go straight into the test, without reading my blog, go to the last paragraph and click the test link to assess yourself, online. Sorry, we don’t have an Urdu questionnaire variant readily available, but I will try to get my hands on one in pdf.

Myers Briggs Personality Testing (MBTI) Background

Mother Nature designed humans to ultimately develop into one of 16 types of individual personalities, after 18 years of age. This is the assumption of this Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) 16-personality assessment test. 

Each of these 16 basic personality types is essentially required by a society to stay healthy. For example, society has :-

  • An assertive Commander : 2% of the population, who is practical enough to sacrifice soldiers in battle, 
  • The nurturing Giver : 2% of the population who heals his traumatized people 
  • The Persuaders : 10% of the population, who sways people to go into or quit wars.

4 Major Categories of Human Personalities

Broadly, all 16 personality types are grouped in to four categories. Namely,

  1.  The Sentinels
  2.  The Diplomats
  3.  The Analysts
  4.  The Explorers

16-personality types of Myers Briggs 

These are the 16-personality types and their population percentages, for your reference.

16 Personality types

Percentages in the world

ESTJ – Overseer / Director


ESFJ – Supporter / Caregiver


ISTJ  – Examiner / Inspector


ISFJ – Defender / Protector


ESTP – Persuader


ESFP – Entertainer / Performer


ISTP – Craftsman


ISFP – Artist


ENTJ – Chief / Commander


ENTP – originator / Debater


INTJ – Strategist / Architect


INTP – Engineer / Thinker


ENFJ – Mentor / Giver


ENFP – Advocate / Champion


INFJ – Confidant


INFP – Dreamer / Mediator


Legend of the 16 Personality Types in the Table

E/I – Extroversion / Introversion

Extroverted people tend to be action oriented and outwards looking, whereas introverts tend to be inwards looking and thoughtful

S/I – Sensing / Intuition

The difference is that an intuitive person would see pattern and behaviors, instead of deciding based on own senses

T/F – Thinking / Feeling

The feelers mostly consider their emotions and other people, before making decisions, instead of depending on their own senses

J/P – Judging / Perceiving

This is how people deal with the world. A judging person prefers structure and firm decisions, whereas, a perceiving person would feel comfortable with flexible, adaptable structure

Why Taking Myers Briggs  16-personality assessment test is Important?

Everyone must take this free test at the end because employers and now internet through AI can detect your personality without you knowing. Myers Briggs Quiz can even assess what your favorite color is, so find out yourself.

If you end up in the wrong environment in life, unsuited to your personality type, you could develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD, or consider committing suicide, despite not ever being in War.

How do Pass Personality Assessment Tests for Employment?

  1. Take a MBTI free test at home
  2. Read the result carefully
  3. Assess whether they match the job description you are seeking
  4. If you donot match the job you are seeking, then do not answer any question with extreme answers.
  5. Dont over think but do not express extreme opinions
  6. The test re-calibrates with variations of the same questions, so keep to the center

Personality can be slightly altered by conditioning

You’d be surprised what shows up in the results. Although your parents were givers, still you could become a ruthless campaigner – so it makes sense for you to know what you have turned out to be.

Not only are you not likely to be of your parents’ personality type, you could be one of the two sub-variants of the 16 type, namely, Turbulent and Assertive kind. The assertive one sticks to his personality, whereas, turbulent one doubts his personality assessment results.

If parents unknowingly push children too hard in the incorrect direction, a particularly vulnerable child can end up becoming a psychopath or among the dark triage of personalities, like Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), Narcissists, Sociopaths etc.

So, yes, personality types are a direct result of genetics and conditioning at home and at early work location and cannot be changed a whole lot after adulthood.

Myers Briggs Personalities Strengths and Weaknesses

Know your strengths and weaknesses is to know God.

Fortune 500 companies administer MBTI Quiz

If the lead companies of the world trust these results, why shouldn’t we self assess as early as possible? so that you join the best career choice for your personality

Myers Briggs Personality type Career Advisory

Although following the career suited your personality will not guarantee success, but it will keep you better satisfied( Click this career advisory ).

Myers Briggs Right personality Match for you

Although no one likes being assessed with a questionnaire before being proposed, still knowing yourself and your compatible type of personality will help you find your correct match.

MBTI Personalities and Countries that suit your type

Nicaraguans are known to be predominantly extroverted and French Canadians are more suited to the Giving type people. So, find your personality type and see which country is good for you mental and physical health, in the long term.

Free Myers Briggs Personality Test here

My advice is to take this quiz FREE TEST CLICK HERE  —because it works – and post it on my blog when you are done. I can help you interpret your results.

Are Personality Tests Accurate?

Yes, over the year Personality Tests have been honed so well that they give you a pretty accurate picture of your strengths, weaknesses and preferences.


Personality tests can do no harm, only help you know yourself

Do mention the result in the comments or inbox me, I’ll help you interpret it

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