Top 10 qualities real Political leader

qualities real Political leader

The qualities of political leaders that the third world countries need, are anathema to what powerful countries can digest. It is a miracle that the essential qualities of a political leader appear in a person from within a third world society, let alone his their rising to the top.

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Good political leaders are destroyed well before they reach any significant stage of threatening the global order of power.

So here we are all the meek, timid and weak people of the third world waiting for a messiah who is among them, but they are not allowed the luxury to dream of a better life with a real person at the helm.

Pakistan, being a third world country too, is faced with the same leadership crisis, because of which it keeps spiraling into new lows.

This country only needs one real political leader with the right mix of qualities, characteristics to climb steeply into the lead country bracket.

The qualities of political leaders that can bring about change in any country are more or less the same.

Qualities of a political leader No 1: is a voracious reader

Leaders must have the prerequisite ground work done in what other thinkers have concluded on governance, management, military tactics, personal growth and the economy.

Then, this reading habit helps them identify traps, steer clear of landmines, have a clear vision, and solve intractable problems.

Mao Zedong was a librarian and a voracious reader, so was Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Warren Buffet said the secret of success is ‘500 pages every day’ – as simple as it can be.

“Verily Allah has chosen him above you and increased him abundantly in knowledge and stature.” (Al Baqarah 2:246) Al Quran

Quality of a Political Leader No 2: A burning Ambition to manifest destiny

The burning ambition to achieve greatness and the passion to pursue it every living moment is as vital as being healthy.

Alexander the Great was programmed by his mother to think he was the Son of God King Zeus and had to reach the end of Earth— that’s exactly what he did. Otherwise, who would in their right mind would want to wander around Afghanistan during BC times, fighting unending skirmishes with hill tribes, unless he thought it is all in his destiny.

This ambition can only manifest itself if the person has the tenacity to follow it through

Quality of Political leader No 3: Perfect oratory and communication skills

Perfect oratory and communication is a prerequisite to greatness. Oratory is knowing what’s in the deepest recesses of people’s souls and talking to them like it’s the sound of their soul.

When Tayyib Erdogan spell-bounds his massive crowds every week, he means what he says and people acknowledge that.

Putin talks with crowds twice every day. Trump tweets directly every night. Imran Khan comes on live and talks for quite some time to his die hard followers and they listen.

Communicating in simple terms with your flock is the job of a Sheppard.

Quality of Political Leader No 4: Sure of themselves

A great political leader needs to be sure of where he is headed with his people, but not be narcissistic with their loyalty.

There is a fine line here.

Although the pressures on the top are immense and being a bit narcissistic helps but a full blown sociopath can easily become the pied piper who drowned his follower mice.

A great political leader would be very sure who they are as a person, the capability to keep their core self-intact in political storms.

Qualities of a political leader No 5: Machiavellian

I mean Machiavellian is in the sense that the person must know what to tweak and when to get concessions for his people.

Machiavellianism in securing the prosperity, freedom, and safety of their people by any means necessary is the political leader’s job.

Honesty, compassion, empathy, has no place in Realpolitik, especially when there is none at the top. Greed lies, and cheating for lack of a better word is ‘Good’ if performed with skill and there are institutions to check unbridled dishonesty.

What is inexcusable in such a situation is that the political leader does not lie and cheat on his/followers.

Qualities of a political leader No 6: Narcissism

If Imran Khan exhibits narcissism, that’s because he firmly believes that he is special.

Angela Merkel may be a narcissist; ‘you could certainly say that I’ve never underestimated myself”.

There’s nothing wrong with being ambitious’ but Adolf Hitler is sociopathic “I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few.” And “Hate is more lasting than dislike.”

Modi of India is sociopathic as he uses political hate against Muslims to the level of mob violence.

Qualities of a political leader No 7: Charisma

Humans are biologically wired to gravitate around good looking people and charming people are attractive. Charisma helps gather your flock in a huddle. No one can be a leader if you have no followers.

‘He understood strengths of different people’ Dr. Joseph Goebbels on Hitler

Quality No 8: Inspiring all

“While the Romans waited for the German Warlord Ariovistus, the legionaries mingled with the local Sequani (Gauls) and heard terrifying stories about the tall and fearsome Germanic warriors. Caesar was none too pleased by this, and called a meeting of the centurions and said Caesar would march at dawn, and if the legions wouldn’t join him he would just take his favorite, the 10th, because he knew at least they could be trusted. Naturally, the 10th was honored and the other legions were shamed, so before the sun came up, each legion was marching with their general.”

Caesar inspired loyalty from his people.

Quality No 9: Daring and Lucky

Caesar wasn’t the best general, but he was the luckiest.  Like his march with a few men to secure strategic points in Gaul and confronting Pompey’s army of almost 50,000 men with only 22,000 of his own. He was a high roller. 

The best leaders take chances and then work diligently to prove themselves right.

What separates a Great-leader from a good one is their ability to see the national greatness as their personal victory.

 ‘My greatest wealth is that Russia has elected me to lead them twice’ Vladimir Putin.

The masses have the knack of recognizing the real thing. This comes from their primal instinct to protect their own kind.

“I don’t believe in right decisions; I take a decision and prove it right” Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

So, trust the Pakistanis to choose the right leader, once they see one on the horizon.

Quality No 10: Benevolence and Empathy

“It is out of God’s mercy that you have been lenient to them. Had you been rough, hard-hearted, they would surely have scattered away from you. So pardon them, pray for their forgiveness and take counsel from them in matters of importance. When you are resolved in a course of action, place your trust in God; surely God loves those who put their trust (in Him).” (3:159)


Only a leader with a heart of gold that can feel people’s misery can have the courage to bring about revolutionary change.


Quran and political leadership qualities

This is what the Quran and Islam have to say about leadership qualities, ” We made his kingdom strong and gave him wisdom and sound judgment in speech and decision” (Sad 38:20).

Also see Imran Khan UN speech.

Which is the best book on the qualities of a leader?

“The myth of a strong leader: Political Leadership in the modern age” April 2014 by Archie Brown. The book is so fascinating that Bill Gates himself had good words to say about it.

What does the bible say about leadership qualities?

The Bible and Christianity have this to say about the qualities of a leader, “It is an abomination to kings to commit wickedness: for the throne is established by righteousness” Proverbs 16:12 (KJV).

 “They will neither hunger nor thirst nor will the desert heat or the sun beat upon them. He who has compassion on them will guide them and lead them beside the springs of water “Isaiah 49:10 (NIV)

Will the developed countries ever let the poor have a voice?


It is the responsibility of the state institutions to nurture and protect quality political leaders, especially in the third world and to surrender to their authority when the same leader demands essential reforms.

If anyone wants a lecture on quality leadership, do inbox me.

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