The Sociopath Personality I knew

sociopath personality

Most of us have met a Sociopath personality in our daily lives. They could be our boss, the local politician, mafia boss or even a military General. You’d never be able to fully understand the bullet you just dodged – till you read this.

Who is a Sociopath?

A Sociopath Personality is the kind of mental illness, where the person become devoid of any moral write or wrong and does not really care for feelings of people around them. To fit in however, they can feign some empathy, whereas in fact there is no one there inside them. 

Statistics say 1 in 25 people are born sociopaths.

Sociopathy Meaning in Urdu

In Urdu, Sociopathy meaning is Samaaj Mukhalif Shakhs or Anti Social Personality (ASP).

Synonyms of Sociopath

Synonyms of sociopaths are also its definition, which would be:-

  • Psychos
  • Social evils
  • Life suckers
  • Predators
  • Devilish winners
  • Anti Social Personalities

Sociopathy test and quiz

Try this Sociopathy test to know whether you qualify to be called a sociopath.

Sociopathic Traits

Sociopathic personality has :-

  • Natural charm and wit of celebrities
  • Extreme confidence
  • Poise
  • Stable demeanor under pressure
  • Quickly picks up on people’s desires
  • A burning ambition

Underneath the surface is:-

  • Fakeness
  • Envy
  • Jealousy
  • Rage
  • Narcissism,
  • Callous disregard
  • Shame
  • Disloyalty
  • Selfishness
  • cheerlessness
  • Zero morals

What makes Sociopaths Dangerous?

A sociopath is someone who would use anyone and everyone around them to achieve wealth, status, looks, and grandeur. 

Difference between Sociopaths, Psychopaths, and Narcissists

  • Psychopaths are born Anti Social. Whereas, Sociopaths are conditioned by Environment.
  • Narcissists are also created by the environment where they lived in their formative years.
  • The key difference is that Psychopaths and Sociopaths have no remorse or regrets for their evil actions, Narcissists try to avoid Public shaming for their acts.
  • It’s all genetics for psychopaths and sociopaths; it’s a bad environment and poor parenting for Narcissists.
  • All Psychopaths / Sociopaths are narcissists but all Narcissists are not Sociopaths / Psychopaths and they do register shame when they harm their people – but not remorse.
  • Sociopathy is somewhat genetic too and is triggered in children by extreme under-parenting or neglect. Lots of CEOs are known sociopaths.
  • Narcissists are the lower form of Sociopaths. They are conditioned by the environment in which they were raised, but they can raise a family and hold a high-profile job for lengthy periods – by acting.
  • Psychopaths are the worst. They cannot be cured and cannot live a natural life with people. They are born to harm and hurt people – sometimes the already vulnerable. 

Anti Social Personality Disorder (ASPD) definition

Sociopaths are highly skilled social predators who use a fake, interesting persona to trap their victims.

Victims are high social status people:-

  • Gifted in looks
  • Wealth
  • Personality
  • Talent
  • Power
  • Vulnerable

Everything desired by the prey is made available by the ASPD, including their own children, as long as the sociopath can leech off of them. When the confused victim, expecting some sort of reciprocity, has no more to give, they are summarily dumped in the cruelest way possible. Sociopaths have no remorse or empathy.

How to Recognize a Sociopath?

These are the most common indications of a Sociopath.

The Predatory Stare

The simplest way of noticing or testing a sociopath is their empty predatory stare that peers deep into your soul. Their deadpan expression would scare the life out of people who knew what evil lurks underneath.

Cruelty to Animals

Then, notice how they treat animals, especially dogs; Sociopaths have no patience for dogs and are cruel to them because dogs give unconditional love.

By the time their close ones discover the fake persona, it’s already too late.

Parasitic lifestyle

Sociopath people have parasitic behavior, whereby they suck out the:-

  • Social life
  • Emotions
  • Wealth
  • Good looks of their victims

This happens slowly over several years, but is the norm.

Indications of a Parallel Life

Sociopaths maintain a full-blown second life, out of their current relations. It is here they enjoy their true Anti Social tendencies of  –

  • Excessive drinking
  • Drugs
  • Promiscuous sex
  • Torturing Innocent souls

History of unexplained disappearances in the family

Since Psychopathy and sociopathy are closely related as both have no remorse or empathy and neither care too much about what people think, this disorder mostly runs in the family. There are well-documented incidences of people disappearing mysteriously in the family and around them.

The disappearing of critics of despots and Coup de tat Generals is a good example of this.

Sociopaths’ quotes


“Narcissists you can tolerate for some time, but with a sociopath, your life could be in grave danger” Doctor Akram, Clinical Psychiatrist


Guide to Characteristics of a Sociopath

This guide to knowing a sociopath has been compiled out of personal experience, after living a life with a sea of high-functioning Narcissists and Sociopaths. You have to live in their heads to know what you are dealing with. So pay attention:- 

Shallow and Superficial Charm

Sociopaths love to look intellectual but a life conning people by stealing their identities leaves them with no real personality to display. They glitter but there is no gold underneath the surface.

Since there is no depth in the personality but a very attractive exterior, they require lots of repeated plastic surgery work.


The parallel life has to be a closely guarded secret that they protect with their life. Since they have so many skeletons in their closet their every day is full of being:-

  • Paranoid
  • Despotic
  • Flaky
  • Untruthful
  • Disloyal

 Your boss? Your gorgeous Ex-wife? Does it ring a bell?

They aim to exercise total control over their hapless victim who is expected to express gratitude and respect for their disloyalty and abuse.

Grand Master of Con and manipulative

No one around them has any right to question how they cheat and hurt others through self-serving behavior. They tend to dominate and humiliate their victims just for fun.

No shame, guilt, morals, or remorse

 Psychopaths and Sociopaths have a repressed deep-seated rage at the core of their anti-social behavior and have zero shame, guilt, morals or remorse. Narcissist, however, do feel public shame, and try to avoid being exposed. 

They don’t see others as people, just as targets of opportunity and accomplices who end up as targets. The end justifies the means and they destroy whoever stands in their way to the top of the power hierarchy.

Dresses up Inappropriately for their age

Dresses up like a 20-year-old and hangs out with gorgeous people only.

Active Cruelty to Animals

Sociopaths are recorded to have a history of burning animals while they were kids and have a special dislike for Dogs, as the animal understand their evil body language – that cannot be faked.

Grandiose sense of entitlement

They have genuinely reprogrammed their brain to believe that they are Great and Entitlement to anything they like – even if the actual owner doesn’t want to share it with them

Devoid of Love emotion

They don’t have the love gene at all. Everyone is a pawn in their grand game plan

Impulsiveness and Risk-Taking Behavior

  • Exposing Spouse and kids to Grave risk
  • Mate poaching
  • Addiction 
  • Getting the abused addicted
  • Creating Hopelessness
  • Zero personal boundaries
  • Zero real concern for others
  • Sex with multiple casual partners without protection

Need for Stimulation

Their dead soul needs a constant jump-start – even sexually deviant behavior. Living on the edge is a norm

Disloyalty & Unreliability

Since they have no idea what attachment means, they think disloyalty and unreliability is their right. They blame the better half of the same since they don’t understand the concept at all. 

Infidelity and Promiscuity

Deviant sexual behavior like actively practicing child sexual abuse, rape, sexual acting out, and risky sexual experiments, are all on the menu.

Fluid Profile image

Criminal versatility in changing image and life story to avoid prosecution

Seek Powerful positions like CEOs & Military

Sociopaths don’t work but engage in brazen unethical power-play to usurp the top-dog position in society. CEOs, Military, and local politicians are Ideal places for such people where their behavior would be tolerated condoned, and admired.

A very high percentage of CEOs and despotic Junta Generals are sociopathic

Incapable of human bonding, remorse, or guilt.

Sociopaths bond the best with ENFJ-T-type personalities that are already prone to develop Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) personalities.

Also see, 16 Personality assessment Test

Some people describe ENFJ to be Sociopath Killers as they are the only ones capable of seeing through them

This is the bond of death for both the Sociopath and BPD / ENFJ

Sociopaths are fearless, coquettish, and charming

They use this to test the personal boundaries of the prey. Naturally having no moral code to abide by, attracting victims would be very easy.

Social Chameleons

These anti-social people then mirror the victim’s interests and values, for a while. The victim would feel they had found their perfect soul mate. It was all make-believe. Sociopaths have no friends, only victims, and potential victims.

Flying Monkey sidekicks

They also have an army of sidekicks that vouch for their fake persona when their latest victim goes ballistic, they are called flying monkeys.


These Devlish Sociopaths are out there wrecking the lives of their victims for their shallow ends. Next time you notice someone switch personalities suddenly, compartmentalizes you, has holes in their story, or caring person that cracks a callous joke at a funeral, that should raise an eyebrow.


Sociopath: Frequently Asked Questions  

What are the Sociopath’s weaknesses?

A sociopath must get his daily fix of extramarital sex, drugs, and the pleasure of torturing innocent people and animals.

Exposing them to society will not help, because they don’t care.

Their only weakness is that they eventually get old and cannot attract prey any longer with their fake charm.

A sociopath in a movie 

Since I’ve known a few personally, I’d say ‘American Psycho’ was close, but Christian Bale couldn’t get how a sociopath thinks. His dialogues were like lyrics to a sociopath’s song.

How do I handle a Sociopath?

Sociopaths are no buffoons unless they have drugged themselves to the next galaxy. Next time you notice these signs in anyone, cut them out of your life! I mean zero contact.

Where do sociopaths thrive?

Sociopaths do pretty well in repressive societies that do not believe in freedom of speech and expression. They do exceptionally well as military leaders and dictators. 

what to talk of fringe personalities like BPD, C-PTSD, and Sociopaths have a field day in third-world countries like Pakistan, where they can con, cheat, steal, rob, and murder their way to the top of the food chain.

Sociopath makes terrible bosses for their subordinates but great for the profits of the board. 

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