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Compiling this list of the top 225 places to visit in Pakistan was important because no one has done this

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Shah Allah Ditta is a several centuries old village on the Khanpur end of Margalla hills, right after sector D-12. This

Khewra Salt mines of Pind Dadan Khan, Jhelum Administrative Region is the second largest Salt mine in the world with

There are several Hindu Temples, mandir at Rawalpindi Pakistan. Lal Kurti (Red Shirt) areas of Rawalpindi city, named after the

Nathiagali Kalabagh, Pakistan are sister towns in the Galiat hill station of Murree hills. Gora Sahib used to cool off

Rawal Dam Colony is the new name for a small hamlet of about 100 households of mixed Hindu, Muslim and

Bhai Bhag Singh Bara Dari is not just a Gurdwara. Right now, it is just ruins but it was once

Miri fort was the center of power of Baluchistan for centuries, before the British took over formally in 1888. This

Main Jamia Masjid of Rawalpindi city, Pakistan is 100 years old and located right at the junction of Bagh Sardaran

Coming from a long line of influential Sikh notables, Soojan Singh (death 1901) was the third-generation businessman, whose primary job

Kalyan Das Hindu temple is sited in the center of  Qandeel Public School of blind children at Kohati Bazar, Murree

I didn’t know there were so many Hindu Temples Mandirs in Rawalpindi Pakistan — mostly intact. I’d been frequently spotting

You’d find the best views of beautiful Rawalpindi city, Pakistan in the most unlikely of places. Since Rawalpindi has expanded