Umbrella Waterfall Haripur Day tour from Islamabad

One day tour Umbrella Waterfall

Umbrella Waterfall Haripur Day tour from Islamabad is a quick and enjoyable trip for families.


  • Tea: Local Desi Tea
  • Lunch: Chicken Gravy (Karahi/Korma) OR Rice (Biryani/Pulao)
  • Water: One bottle of Water


0700 Hrs. Join us at I-8 Markaz Parking, Islamabad.

0730 hrs. We depart on the Lahore-Peshawar Motorway. Guests from other cities can join us en route.

 0730-1030 hrs. Turn North on the Hazara Motorway Link, exit at the Havelian junction, and travel to Poona Village, where the Waterfall is located.


The Sajjikot waterfall appears on our left as we travel. We will not be stopping at Sajjikot waterfalls.

1030 – 1050 hrs: 20-minute hike down to the Umbrella Waterfall Haripur Abbottabad.


At the very bottom of the descent, a repelling rope is attached for thrill seekers.

1050 – 1400 hrs. We swim and soak up the sun under a fine mist of clean Water from the sky.

1400 – 1445: Return to the hike up the same mountain to our transport, and begin the return journey.

1500 -1530 hrs. We eat a well-deserved Desi Lunch with piping hot tea.

1530 – 1800 hrs. Our delightful excursion to Umbrella Watefall Haripur Day Tour concludes here with the promise that we will keep in touch with

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Travelers usually ask these questions:-

Which time is best to visit Umbrella Waterfall?

The best months to visit Umbrella Waterfall are between March–August when the temperature is hotter. The Waterfall is charming in the winter, but rather cold.

Is swimming in Umbrella Waterfall safe?

Yes, swimming in Umbrella Waterfall is safe as there are no fast currents.

Is the Umbrella Waterfall site safe for ladies and families?

Yes, the Umbrella Waterfall is safe for Ladies and families as the locals are friendly.

Travel Time and Distance to Umbrella Waterfall Haripur

The journey from Islamabad to Umbrella Waterfall is around 110 kilometers via the Margalla Hills, but this is not recommended due to tight curves.

The preferable route from Islambad is the Hazara Motorway – Havelian, which is around 150 kilometers long. Travel time by automobile is 3 hours on any course.

Umbrella Waterfall distance from Abbottabad is 50 km.

So, join on Umbrella Waterfall Haripur Day tour from Islamabad.

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