Miranjani Top Hike Day Tour Package from Islamabad

Miranjani Hike One-Day Tour

Miranjani Top hike day tour is for young people to climb while the older travelers enjoy scene below.


  • Tea: Local Desi Tea
  • Lunch: Chicken Gravy (Karahi/Korma) OR Rice (Biryani/Pulao)
  • Water: One bottle of Water


This is the tour itinerary for Miranjani Top Hike day tour from Islamabad:-

0700 hrs. We start the day by assembling at I-8 Markaz Parking Islamabad.

0730 hrs. We depart towards Nathiagali from Barakahu side.


Mountain Top Hiking enthusiasts can join us at any of the pickup point along the way.

1030 hrs. Enjoying the first rays of Sun combing over the horizon, we reach Nathiagali Bazar, Murree and start point Namli Mera.

1030 – 1330 hrs. We hike as far as our weakest team member goes.

1330 : We gather together and take pictures (even in the snow)


Miranjani peak can be climbed even in peak winter snow, but that is only for the fittest hikers with proper gear.

1330 -1630 hrs. Hike back to the pickup shed, on an easier descent. 

1630 hrs. A much-deserved Warm Desi Lunch and Tea at Nathiagali Bazar.

1700-2000 hrs. We drive back to I-8 Markaz Parking, Islamabad enjoying the beautiful views of Murree and bid farewell with the commitment to keep in touch with how2havefun.com

Recommended Hiking Equipment

  • Comfortable shoes (waterproof hiking boots if it snows)
  • Drinking Water Bottle with 1.5 liters water
  • Hiking Trousers or Jeans
  • Rain Coat

Join how2havefun.com on Miranjani Top Hike day tour from Islamabad


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Travelers frequently ask these questions:-

Best Time for Miranjani Hike

April to September is the best time to hike at Miranjani Nathiagali, as the weather is cooler than in the cities, hovering around 15 Deg Celsius.

 Alternative Attractions near Miranjani

  • Mukshpuri Top Hike: Starting 500 yards ahead of the Governor’s house of Doonga Gali, the hike is hardly 3 kilometers long, but is equally breathtaking.
  • Sumandar Katha Lake: Sumandar Katha Lake of Nathiagali offers boating and water sports.
  • Waterfall of Nathiagali: Nathiagali has its waterfall at walking distance of a metaled road that goes down from the main Nathiagali Kalabagh road.
  • Ayubia Pipeline Track: This track with its Moto Tunnel was developed by the British for their European rulers. It is still the most sought-after track.

Miranjani Hike Details

  • Hike Time is 3 to 3.5 Hours
  • Elevation gain till the top is about 600 meters.
  • The hike distance is about 5 km (completing it is not compulsory)
  • Difficulty Level is Moderate (60 years old will not be able to complete it)
  • Starting Point is a few Kilometers ahead of Nathiagali Bazar.

Contact Details:

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