Pedophile Punishment Bill Signed: RIP Zainab Ansari

Pedophile are people who seen sexual gratification from pre-pubescent children. What this means is that the people with the Pedophilia mental disorder are not seeking sexual satisfaction but a twisted gratification from someone who cannot grasp the concept yet. Therefore, the purpose of normal people having sex and pedophiles having sex is totally different in its aims.

Definition of Pedophile

Here it is important to understand what legally characterizes as Pedophilia

” ICD-11 defines Pedophilia as sustained, focused and intense pattern of sexual arousal – as manifested by persistent thoughts and fantasies, urges , behaviors – involving pre-pubertal children.

Also “the individual (accused of Pedophilia) must have acted on these thoughts, fantasies, or urges or be markedly distressed by them.”

Furthermore, “This characterization does not apply to sexual behaviors among pre or post pubertal children with peers, who are close in age.”

Zainab Ansari’s Killer Caught

The Killer of Zainab Ansari, was not only a Pedophile who stalked and deliberately hurt the child but a Sociopath to be in control of his emotions so well that he led the violent demonstrations against the Killer (himself).

Death Sentence for Pedophiles

The Killer of kids have to be punished, whether it involves the death sentence, is another story. Certain industries, like the show Biz, is so notorious for Pedophiles that giving them all a death sentence would end the industry.

Pakistani Parliament Signs the Child Abuse and Pornography Law

Finally, the Pakistani Parliament signed the Child abuse, Child pornography, and rape Law that carries a life sentence for abusing kids up to ten years of age in 2020. 

Story of Zainab Ansari’s Killing by Pedophile

The Pakistani nation was horrified in the aftermath of the 2016 rape of Zainab by a predatory pedophile that was well known to the family. 

This person, Muhammad Imran built friendship with the father of this girl, just to get close to the younger ones. He built such an unblemished reputation that even the girl’s mother did not suspect Imran to be a Monster. 

Imran was a well-known naat khwaan of the area mosque, a respected individual. The naat khwani was another ruse to allow him to come close to children. He probably went out of his way to gain the unsuspecting parent’s trust.

This man would give sweets to the local children and play with them, just to show how friendly he was and for them to lower their guards. Most of the seven latest victims were in the close vicinity of where Imran lived. This is because he enjoyed the hunt; took his time and planned each kill to perfection. He had no fear of getting caught.

He must have had his eyes on innocent Zainab for quite some time, that’s why she walked with him when he called her from across the street. He probably still has a list of his intended victims.

One day when the girl was playing outside, this rapist called her out in the main street and walked along with her to a deserted area.

Injuries of Zainab Ansari

He raped, sodomized and tortured the 7 years old to death. Then finally he strangulated her. Her neck bone was fractured.

As you can judge yourself, the purpose is not to meet a physiological need, but a need to hurt and abuse – that’s what makes Muhammad Imran and violent pedophiles sociopaths.

Muhammad Imran was caught and hanged by the authorities after a trial

The Killing of a child by a Pedophile that Shocked the Nation

The Zainab incident, though horrific, shook the conscience of the country and people started reporting molestation, rape, abuse, and child pornography incidences regularly. Before Zainab’s case came to light, rape incidences involving kids were hid from the public eye. 

The Government of Pakistani Administered Azad Jammu and Kashmir also passed a law criminalizing Child Abuse and Rape with castration among the punishments. 

A serial child rapist has to be harnessed and there are states that have introduced similar laws for pedophiles that cannot control themselves.

Pakistani society is so well-knit that the concept of molestation, abuse, and rape was never brought into the public eye so that the family net doesn’t become suspect. Family is everything in Pakistan.

Now parents keep a watchful eye on what happens in the tight streets of Pakistani cities and towns. 

Castration Law for Pedophiles

Alabama state in USA has a chemical castration law and many less-developed societies simply lynch the pedophilia suspect. There is a humane consideration for Pedophile child molesters that cannot control their urges due to abuse suffered on their own. Therefore, Pakistan and Kashmir both didn’t vote for a death sentence. 

Child Pornography

After Zainab Ansari’s case in Pakistan, several child pornography rings were also busted.

These are the various Paedophile Child Molester Punishment Bills in various countries of the world, besides Pakistan.

Profile of a Pedophile

Sketch profile of a pedophile requires the first-hand experience of interacting with sociopaths. These social chameleons are truly unique and only a few very intuitive people get the opportunity to gauge the depths of darkness within their souls.

His hands probably never trembled while he was carrying out his horrendous act on the poor children. That’s why people who saw him after the incident say that he showed no signs of nerves.

Imran mentioned that he and his father were possessed by demons, which make him rape and kill little children. No regret, remorse, or guilt there! Thank goodness his old man passed away. I wonder how much damage he must have done while he was alive. This supports the fact that being a Child predator is genetic.

The best way to handle this individual would be to study his personality in-depth and get to the root cause of this grave personality problem. This would help the Pakistani society in identifying such people before they strike.

Some spouses of Sociopaths end up killing themselves because of the Cognitive Dissonance they face every day.

If God sent the Devil to earth — this would be it.


People still believe there are demons in the world and I say Psychopaths and Sociopaths are worse than demons and they roam around the world imitating normal human beings.

If anyone needs a listening ear, do inbox me – I might be able to help.

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  1. Dr Ghazala Inam Ul Haq says:

    Imran the monster was arrested the first time because the family of Zainab (one of her chacha ) was suspicious of him.
    His DNA test was Carried out because Zainab’s family insisted on it
    He was arrested a month back because he tried to harass a girl in the same neighbourhood,when her mother complained to Imran’s family they were dismissive about it.
    He was involved in a number of petty crimes and had two arrests.

  2. My heart stops when I think of this evil …
    And when HUM tv drama” udaari ” was aired , it was frowned upon …” its so baisharam ..not a famiy topic…, it’s a mughrabi masla,, etc”
    Sex offenders are as active in Pakistan as in west. They are just not caught and
    Sex is such a taboo that even sexual crimes are not discussed.
    Closing our eyes like pigeons does not make the danger go away.

  3. may Allah protect our children from such evil

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