Back pain relief

Back pain relief that works 100 % in Pakistan

Back pain relief that works is the concern of 82% people in this world, who experience this debilitating condition, at least once in their lives.

Back pain is caused when we disturb the natural alignment of our spine in such a way that the body’s weight doesn’t pass straight through the spine, towards our feet. Back pain relief comes when you allow the back to return to its natural shape.

Our spine has a natural shape that is maintained by the core muscles, all around our waist area, that ensures it stays that way. This spine is supposed to support the complete structure of the body and keep it ERECT! Mother Nature never intended our spine to be slouched, twisted, cantilevered, jerked, yanked to one side or compressed — so stop doing it.

Back pain, especially lower back pain occurs when we somehow tilt, curl, slant, and impact our spine in our daily routine. This especially happens during pregnancy, when the body weight shifts forward.

You don’t need any back pain relief cream, back pain relief medicine.

These 4 ways will get you back on your feet in no time, that will give you Back pain relief and living your quality life as before:

Posture correction:


Back pain relief

 First step in Back pain relief is to Learn to walk and sit with your spine straight. This means that a straight line should run from the base of your skull right up to your funny bone. Especially do not slouch, tilt forward, sideways or pick up weights with your back at an angle. You don’t want to wear high heels and shoes that are ill-fitted because they would suddenly jerk your spine or stress it for a certain length of time.

Back pain relief


Low Impact Aerobics:

Exercise and lose a few pounds . A bulging tummy is a sure recipe for back pain relief. Our body has been designed by Mother Nature to run and hunt over long distances. Our body gets tougher and sturdier in anticipation of this hunt. Next time you get a back ache, do think of it as a sign from your body that it is ill prepared for the hunt and needs a workout. The first thing for that is to check your BMI and lose a few pounds. Use a back pain relief belt during back pain relief exercises if necessary.

Strengthening Exercises:

Strengthen the core muscles that keep the lower spine in place by specifically targeting them every day. The core includes abs, lower back muscles and even glutes. Swimming, Yoga (down dog & cobra), lunges, planks, crunches and pull-ups would do wonders for your back. Just two reps of 12 each would be sufficient for the day for back pain relief.

Relaxing Techniques:

Get a massage, meditate, do Tai-Ichi, listen to music, spread lavender aroma, drink 8 ounces warm water, read your favorite book, get a good 8 hours sleep — the whole purpose is for you to relax. Your tense muscles are pulling at your spinal duct thereby disrupting the signal flow. Just do what you love the best and drown out negativity — your pain will vanish.

All this would have already gotten you up and running.

Just in case you still have a tingling sensation in your legs, sharp pain in your rib cage, severe pain in the spine that refuses to go away or you feel weakness in your legs, visit your chiropractor and your Rehabilitation specialist doctor. This could mean permanent changes in your bones that need to be corrected either by vitamin D, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium or surgery. Even these are not back pain relief medicines or tablets, as such. No pills or machines are required for back pain relief if you follow these simple tips.

So, dear Pakistanis, halwa-puri and backache are the same things. Eat less, walk more, sit straight, drink water and be happy to stay pain-free and live to be a healthy 100-year-old.


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