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Compiling this list of the top 225 places to visit in Pakistan was important because no one has done this

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On one rainy day, I went to see the Hazir Pir Mazar (Shrine)that is perched at a height of 800m

The Wah Gardens, made by the Mughals near present-day Wah Cantt, are still as royal and tranquil as they were

British Brigadier General John Nicholson’s monument tower in Taxila Pakistan is a symbol of repression and tyranny that the East

Pakistan Travel Advisory for foreigners, especially travel alerts for US citizens, are critically important to the economy of the country.

Sky diving in Pakistan, especially free falling, is too legit to quit and must be encouraged. Unfortunately, there is no

Winter-time at Ayubia to Doonga Gali pipeline track is between December thru February, each year. It snows around December and

These are useful travel tips for people visiting Pakistan like Visa procedures, documentation, and even Corona Virus issues.  This blog will

Murree Brewery is the only beer, whiskey and vodka manufacturer in Pakistan and has been around since the 19th century.

Before I get to the horrific story of the Sikh Gurdwara in Kallar Syedan Pakistan, let me take you back

Bhamala Stupa Complex near Haripur in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa dates back to the 2nd century CE, and has several unique characteristic.

Attock Pakistan, in the olden days was the strategic district on the Eastern bank of River Indus with the key

Come and see the history of Attock fort, located at the bank of River Indus in Pakistan, all in pictures.