The Six wonders of Gahkuch Town Gilgit Baltistan

Entering Gakuch

Time and distance from Gilgit 

From Gilgit

It takes 2.5 hours to cover 100 km to reach Gahkuch town from Gilgit.

Route from Gilgit to Gahkuch

From Islamabad

It takes 16 hours to reach  from Islamabad as it is 562 km.

View from Upper Gahkuch

Route from Islamabad

Follow the route Islamabad-Hazara motorway-Kaghan-Babusar top- Gilgit – Gahkuch.

Route from Islamabad to Gahkuch

Ancient town is not near the river but is in fact high above the present town at a place called upper-Gahkuch.

The moment you take a final turn from the bend in the mountain towards Gahkuch town, the river opens up wide and you see trees growing inside the river bed, surrounded by snow-clad mountain tops.

Because the valley is so wide, gusty winds blow across and the temperature cools down considerably.

Shrine on the top of the rocks

Where to get a transport

You can take any motor car or bus from Gilgit to this place as the road is in perfect condition.

Lots of transports go from Gilgit’s main bazaar to Gupis during the day and come back before sunset.


Best time to visit

The best time to visit is from April to September. It starts raining in September and that can be a bit annoying around off-road tracks.



The temperature just about touches 40 0 Centigrade during summers but when it cools down considerably during the evening to about 25 0 centigrade.

It does not rain that much.

gahkuch Green palace hote;
Green Palace Hotel

Best hotel to stay

There are several good hotels but the most established one is Green Palace hotel 0349 8235464 and they charge 4000 per night.

Things to do


Lots of people from the south come to Gahkuch to hunt wild pheasants and birds. The man forest in the river is a natural sanctuary for the bird population.


Visit peaceful Upper Gahkuch village

Upper Gahkuch Village has still preserved in pristine condition and the calmness of the place is very attractive. Then fresh water streams crisscross this village where people are still very hospitable.


See the ruins of Fort.

Upper Gahkuch Fort was where the local Raja would retreat when facing danger. It had a secret tunnel that lead to a water fountain on a steep rock face that the enemy would never know and the raja could remain sieged for extended periods.

Cave is on the ledge of these Boulders

Visit the cave of abandoned children

The local legend says that in the olden days, kids with polio would be left to die in this spring water cave because they were considered unfit to live a productive life.

The only murder in upper Gahkuch in the last 100 years happened over a lady.

Mullberry Tree

Enjoy the fresh fruit gardens

Upper Gahkuch is dotted with mulberry, Apricots, and walnut trees among green farm plots.

The tombs of Upper Gahkuch

Near the ruins of the fort of upper Gahkuch are still sealed tombs of olden times when the locals would arrange their dead in a circular pattern and entomb them in high towers.

The upper levels of the towers have long gone but the lowest basement still stays, entombed as always with mummies still intact inside.

An archeological excavation of the dead would reveal vital insights into the olden ways of the people of Gilgit Baltistan several hundred years ago.


Buy Apricot Oil and Sweetened Walnuts

 Bazar has a shop where they sell organic apricot oil, honey, and sweetened walnuts which are stuck together with roasted sugar. The good thing is that the people are not cheats and they sell real organic stuff.


Where to eat at Gahkuch

There are a lot of hotels to eat from in Gahkuch. Try the one that has the most people sitting in it and has its own tandoor.

Beautiful Rainbow


Gahkuch new town is on the main road, but if you want to live in peace in a cool and clean environment, take your family to Upper Gahkuch old town.

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