Patlian Lake, The unsung hero of Neelum Valley

Patlian Lake
patlian lake

Patlian Lake height in feet

Patlian Lake is at 3700 meters altitude which is around 12100 feet in height.

At this height, you do feel out of breath, if you are not fit enough.


How to get to Patlian Lake from Lawat

To get to Patlian, you’d have to hire a local jeep from Lawat town, right on the Neelum Valley Road.

You can drive about 20 minutes up to upper lawat town and then go off-road to Patlian, but I would not recommend it as the road has many tight turns and no protection on the sides.

The local driver and their jeeps are adapted to these tight roads.

Indian Troops on the Line of Control, Lawat

Then you have Indian troops right across the Neelum River watching your every move till the time you reach Lawat Bala.

Anyone that looks suspicious in a weird-looking car is fired upon – so don’t try to get your goose cooked.

Hiring a local Jeep from Lawat

The local jeep charges Rs 11000 to take 4-5 people to the top, and that is reasonable.

This guy Shahid 03556109841 has a Willis jeep with better shocks and has a good temperament too.

Distance from Lawat to Patlian

The distance from lawat to Patlian Lake is 25 km and it takes 3.5 hours to get there.

Where to eat at Patlian Lake

Take your foodstuff and rations along because there is just one village on the way. and they too charge exorbitantly.

Where to stay at Patlian Jheel

Patlian Lake has its tent city which they erect for tourists from March to September, every year.

This is the number of the Tent village Patlian Guy Siddiq Lone 03558125510. Send him a WhatsApp first.

Tent accommodation charges are Rs 2500 for one tent that houses 4 men.

Is Patlian Lake safe for camping?

The place is quite peaceful, but I always carry a weapon with me – just in case someone gets frisky.

Can I take my Jeep to Patlian Jheel?

The off-road track after Lawat Bala is in very bad shape and I had my intestines rearranged on the way there.

Car is out of the question

Jeep can go right up to the last climb up to the lake.

patlian lake

Is there any trekking involved in Patlian?

The last climb is about 15 minutes and you can do that on horseback as well.

Things to do at Patlian

  • Besides the lake, just short of the final climb there is a mountain peak that houses a herd of Markhor.

During summers the Markor climb out of reach, because of extensive poaching.

This Patlian valley was so beautiful once, that a family of Muzaffarabad willed that all his progeny be buried at a mound they bought specifically for the purpose.

I hate to break it to the dead people but now the extensive deforestation and uncontrolled population settlement had denuded the valley.

Now, you get to see beauty far away from the madding crowd.

  • A track from Patlian Lake also goes towards Ratti Gali Lake, but the road is no more jeepable due to disrepair.
  • Then trekking further ahead, your reach a point called Das Chali, which is a junction point of ten routes coming into and going out of Neelum valley into Kaghan Valley.
  • Halfway to Patlian Lake, you’d see Kunali Glacier towards your left and a legendary waterfall. To get there would need you to hike for about 5 hours. No jeep or motorcycle can get there.
  • Most of the settlements along the way are goat headers and they never say no to a weary traveler asking for fresh milk.

Just don’t forget we city folks can’t handle the lactose in fresh goat milk and you might leave a trail of enteric destruction along the way.

Also, don’t be disheartened when you see a local lady twice your age carrying a massive load on top of her head leisurely climbing the same mountain you thought was as tough as K-2.

  • You can also reach Baboon Valley Top by branching off from this Patlian Lake trek. Baboon top is liked by people because it is like a meadow on a high mountain top.

Local families usually plan a jeep ride from Lawat that takes them to Patlian, Baboon, and back through Dowarian. Just keep in mind this is not a one-day trip with families.


If you must go to Patlian Lake, then you must reach Lawat latest by 7 am because, your 8 hours round trip might get delayed by rain and the two roaring Nullah on the way and you don’t want to spend the night in the cold unprepared.

patlian lake

The best thing about Patlian Lake

The best thing I liked about Patlian lake is the blue and pink high-altitude flowers that flutter in the breeze and give off a unique and pure scent that you do not get anywhere in the real world.

Then the lake itself gets bluer as the winter approaches.


Do plan a visit to Patlian Lake after reading this blog because it is one of Pakistan’s hidden gems.

If you want me to arrange a visit for you, please do text me at 923005111523.

patlian lake

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