Mangla Dam Water Sports Day Tour Package

mangla dam oneday tour

Mangla Dam water sports day tour from Islamabad is a hot favourite for adventure lovers.


  • Tea: Local Desi Tea
  • Lunch: Chicken Gravy (Karahi/Korma) OR Rice (Biryani/Pulao)
  • Water: One bottle of Water


Following is the Itinerary for the Mangla Dam Water Sports day tour excursion:-

0700 Hrs. Adventure enthusiasts gather at I-8 Markaz Parking Islamabad.


Tourists from other cities are requested to either reach this location or join us at Dina on the GT Road.

0800 -1030 Hrs. we depart from Islamabad highway towards T-Chowk on the Rawat-side and then to Dina on the GT road. The 2.5-hour ride should be enjoyable as we have temperature-controlled Transports.

1030 to 1100 hrs. After another half-hour journey, turning left from Dina, Mangla Dam emerges, right after Mirpur. This awe-inspiring sight of one of the world’s largest earth dams – is truly enchanting.

1100 to 1400 hrs. Now we all frolic in the clear fresh waters of Mangla Dam at the Water Sports Club.

Mangla Dam water sports day tour does not have any packages as the water sports club doesn’t offer any . Therefore, these are the Rent Rates for each ride:-

  • Victorious Boat (Rs 2400 per 30 mins*)
  • Limousine Boat (Rs 1900*/ 30 mins* during weekdays and Rs 2300/ 30 mins* on weekends)
  • Medium Boats (Rs 1555 /30 mins* during week and Rs 1900/ 30 mins* over the weekend)
  • Hunter Boats (Rs 1500/30 mins* during the week and 1700 per 30 mins* over weekends)
  • Labrador Boat (Rs 1500 per 30 mins* on weekdays and Rs 1650 per 30 mins* on weekends)
  • Jet Ski/ Challenger Boat (Rs 2,400 per 30 mins*).
  • Parasailing allows breathtaking views from a height. and costs Rs 2400/ 30 mins*.
  • Ramkot Fort Island Boat Ride: Rs 15000 for four person* plus Rs 200 per person entrance fee. For history and archeological enthusiasts, taking a boat trip out into Mangla Dam Pond’s waters towards an island-like landmass is an unmissable experience.


* Since these prices may change unpredictably, therefore, do consult

1400-1500 hrs: Visit Mangla VIP Restaurant for an incredible Desi lunch buffet featuring Sumptuous Desi Cuisine.

1500-1600hrs: This time is for activities that can be conducted if permitted by WAPDA:-

  • Visit Mangla Dam’s power facility under the tutelage of a knowledgeable guide
  • Mangla Fort: This ancient and dilapidated fort offers excellent views of the surrounding hills.
  • Mangla Dam Museum: This museum has certain artifacts and animated learning aids about the Dam itself.

1630 hrs. We Depart Mangla Dam for Islamabad and bid farewell to its deep blue waters.

1630-1900 hrs. From here we’ll travel along GT Road back to Islamabad, looking at the historic cities of Wazirabad, Dina, and Rawat.

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Frequently Asked Questions : Mangla Dam Water Sports Day Tour

These are the most frequent inquiries:-

What is the contact of Mangla Dam water sports club?

They donot give out contact numbers to everyone who asks, so please contact us and let us arrange your tour.

Mangla Dam Water Resort Booking Contact?

Since the area has sensitive installations closeby, they local authorites donot allow everyone to go in. So, please whatsapp or email to arrange your visit.

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  • WhatsApp: +923315111263
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