Tour Package Chitral-Kalash

5 Days/4 Nights Tour Package Chitral-Kalash

Travels to Chitral Kalash in the Hindukush Mountains are some of Pakistan’s greatest cultural escapes to interact with an ethnic minority non-Muslim enclave.

 Experience the Kalash and Chitral Cultures

After leaving Islamabad, we’ll travel to Bumburet Valley Chitral, where we would witness the traditional Kalash dwellings and participate in the Kalash Festival rites.

Itinerary for Chitral-Kalash Tour Packages

Day 1 (11 hours, 450 kilometers Islamabad – Chitral)

At five in the morning, depart Islamabad for the Chitral Valley via the Swat Motorway.

0500 – 0800 hrs. Drive on the Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway and alight at the Swat Motorway Rest Area for Breakfast.

0900 – 1100 hrs. Following Route N-45 to the Upper and Lower Dir Valleys on Swat Motorway

1130 – 1300 hrs. Lunch stop enroute to Tehzeeb Hotel Dir.

1400 – 1600 hrs. Pass through the Lowari Tunnel to reach the Chitral Valley from Dir

  • Between Lowari Pass and Chitral Valley, there is a 20–30 minute break.

1900 hrs. Check in and retiring for the night at Chitral Hotel.

Day 2 (1 hours, 15 km, Chitral – Ayun)

0800 hrs. Call for breakfast

  • Meeting and departure for Kalash Valley at 9:00 AM from the hotel
  • Visit Bumburet Valley with the Help of a Local Guide.
  • See the customs of the Kalash Festival locally and tour traditional Kalash homes.
  • Cemetery Stroll
  • Lunch at a Local Restaurant with Refreshments

1800 hrs. : Return for dinner to the Rambur or Ayun Hotel.

Day 3: 150 km, 7 hours (Ayun – Garam Chashma)

0830 hrs. Call for breakfast

Departure (3 hours, 75 km) for Garam Chashma

  • Tour of the lasting three hours and covering 75 kilometers from Garam Chashma
  • After lunch, depart back to Ayun for night stay same hotel

1600 hrs. Back to hotel and rest for the day.

Day 4: 2 hrs. 30 km (Ayun to Chitral Gol Park)

0900 hrs. Breakfast at the hotel in Ayun

  • Chitral Gol National Park (Chagbini Hike) depending on choice.
  • A trip to the Museum of Chitral
  • A visit to Chitral’s Shahi Masjid
  • Lunch Break in Chitral City at a Neighborhood Traditional Restaurant
  • Visit to the Trich Mir viewpoint and Shahi Qila
  • Investigating Chitral Bazaar

1500 hrs. Returning to the Chitral Hotel for dinner and a bonfire

Day 5 (450 km, 11 hours)

8:30 AM for breakfast

Traveling via the Swat Motorway to Islamabad.

Adjacent Points of Interest

Some of the most popular tourist spots near Kalash and Chitral are as follows:

Shandur Chitral

Shandur Pass Polo Ground where annual Shandur festival is held, is the most well-known stop on the Chitral Kalash tour and the highest polo ground in the world.

Festivals of Chitral Valley

These festivals of Chitral have been celebrated for thousands of years

  • Qaqlasht Festival is held in April each year.
  • Uchal Festival  Kalash Tour 19 – 25 August
  • Chilam Joshi Festival 13-16 may
  • Choimus Festival Kalash 22 December

Tirich Mir Ascent

Since 1950 when an Italian expedition completed the peak’s first successful ascent mountaineers have been thronging the place.

Madaglasht Valley

The people of Madaglasht are a blend of Persian and Chitral which is reflected in their handicrafts.

Broghil Pass and Wakhan Border

Enjoy a jeep and horse ride right up to the Afghanistan Border through the Broghil Pass.

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What to Carry

  • Sunglasses
  • Rain Jacket
  • Personal Medication
  • Trekking Stick
  • Shaving Kit, UV Protection Creams
  • Water Bottles


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