India USA Defense Deals: Is Pakistan in Trouble?

India USA defense deals

A flurry of India USA defense deals send a strong message to China and its ally Pakistan.

The latest of the four Defense Deals, BECA (Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement 2020),  is a major milestone in the relations between the two countries. 

These four Deals are referred to as Foundation Defense Agreements.

Especially when the USA only signs these deals with countries that are its unequivocal allies, like NATO.

India USA BECA Defense Deal

BECA is about sharing geospatial precision information with countries that the USA trusts enough to agree to fight a war together with. This will help India precision target its weapons and missiles.

BECA specifically mentions sharing satellite information, telephone intercepts, and Chinese deployment along the LAC.

Was the recent Indian maneuver to occupy a commanding height at the Pong gong Tso Lake in Ladakh, the first use of this terrain information? India’s media seems to things so.

It’s Kind of like sharing your intimate bedroom secrets with your lover.

The other three defense deals were GSOMIA 2002, LEMOA 2016, and COMCASA 2018

India USA GSOMIA Defense Deal

GSOMIA (General Security of Military Information Agreement) was about the security of information between collaborating defense companies of India and the USA.

India USA LEMOA Defense Deal

LEMOA deals with inter-use of each other’s defense facilities, fuel, supplies, and repairs shops – especially out at sea.

The Indians say they haven’t allowed the USA to establish a base in their territory, but I am not sure of that. The USA doesn’t sign agreements at a disadvantage.

LEMOA is particularly useful out in the sea where the Indian fleet can use the USA’s support bases for replenishment.

India USA COMCASA Defense Deal

COMCASA (Communications Compatibility and Security Agreement) is about communicating with each other in total secrecy from mutual enemies.

COMCASA will allow India to effectively integrate the USA Eye in the Sky with other targeting platforms like drones, fighters, and boats in total secrecy.

India USA other Global Power Deals

These recent defense deals are just the tip of the iceberg where the USA wants India to be like the inclusion of India in decision-making matters in UNSC, Trade and Investment Forums of World Bank, IMF, and APEC.

Did I mention signing in India to the Nuclear Suppliers Group without signing the NPT?

What is the significance of India USA Defense Deals?

These deals give India virtual sanctioning authority against a vulnerable Pakistan.

What these deals show is that the USA wants India exactly where it has intended it to be – blocking China in the Indian Ocean and limiting its maneuvering space out of its territory up north.

India USA Defense Deals and Pakistan

The only thing the USA hasn’t done yet is to give India Armed Drones which would make the Pakistan Armed Forces’ ability to defend territory impossible.

The USA probably doesn’t want to disturb the peace between India and Pakistan but could flip the switch towards India anytime, especially to teach Pakistan a lesson.

Although India still needs the US-supplied armed drones and warplanes to fully utilize this targeting ecosystem, Russian Jets can also do an equally fine job.

In any case, India can manage to pick off Pakistani military columns, command nodes, and strategic assets with the precision capability it has on its Russian Platforms when used with the USA’s satellite data.

The USA also provides diplomatic space for India whenever it strikes inside Pakistan, covertly or overtly.

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This means that with the USA and India’s diplomatic maneuvering. Pakistan’s tactics of striking inside India covertly and also its conventional warfare capabilities have been neutralized.

What did the USA get from India in the Defense Deals?

India cozied up to the USA with the purchase of Globe Master III C-17, Chinook troop career, M-777 ultra-light Howitzers for high altitudes, Apache Gun Ships AH64E (Anti-Tank), Fire Finding radars, P-8i Poseidon anti-submarine planes, Predator Reconnaissance drones, Integrated Air Defense Weapon Systems (IADWS) just to whet USA’s appetite for a solid deal.

What India didn’t give the USA till now was actively isolating China – but that is changing with the Ladakh standoff.

India USA Defense Deals:  Implications for Pakistan

Coming back to Pakistan, these weapons are enough for India to quickly outflank any counter maneuver Pakistani conventional troops make in the event of war.

So, Pakistan’s conventional strength needs a new edge to stay relevant and that too locally developed.

What the India US Defense Deals also show is that Pakistan has a lot of geographical areas to lose if the USA completely throws its weight behind India, in case of future conflict with Pakistan, by supplying them with offensive drones.

India has once used the same tactics in consort with USSR to relieve Pakistan of geographical territory in East Pakistan.

Pakistan is left with tactical nuclear warheads for its defense, and that too is vulnerable from the sky from Satellites guided munitions that India has now.  Russia’s supplied S-400 Anti-missile system also dents the short-range nuclear weapon threat.

India USA Defense Deals:  Way forward for Pakistan

Pakistan is now in a total external security fix.

  • For one, Pakistan will have to immediately stop tacit or otherwise support for the low-intensity conflict inside India as none of the big three USA, India, and China will allow it.

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  • Pakistan will have to lower the heat on Kashmir as the country is in no position to dictate anything militarily, economically, or diplomatically – unless China commits.

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  • Pakistan will have to ease off the CPEC big-ticket projects that will give China a straight line out of its quarantine that the USA has established since 1960, or face the consequences from combined USA-India charge.
  • Pakistan will have to form a dominion with Muslim countries like Afghanistan, Iran, Turkmenistan, and Kazakhstan to form a block to counter the destabilizing effect of diagrammatically opposed USA, India, and non-committal China. India was recently dumped by India in the LNG for oil deal.
  • Pakistan has to divert the money spent on an increasingly irrelevant conventional military to people’s education, health, and skills to build local strategic expertise.
  • Pakistan has to start fracking for oil supplies immediately.
  • The vast and unproductive defense establishments have to be handed over to private hands.
  • Pakistan will have to invest financially in importing the replica of a British Parliamentary system with their committees and subcommittees down to the mayor level and implement it domestically to save precious time.
  • All executive power should rest with parliament and the elected prime minister- period
  • Pakistan will have to hit the strategic pause in its relations with India to buy time to have these reforms in place.
  • Pakistan has to realize, powerful countries like China can never guarantee territorial safety, otherwise, Bangladesh would have still been with Pakistan under the USA’s guarantees – so stop looking outside support for protection.
  • Pakistan must revert to a non-religious government structure that was envisaged by the founding father Muhammad Ali Jinnah.
  • Pakistan must bring back all the brilliant minds, of all religious domination, gender, or orientation, at whatever cost to help build the dysfunctional and decrepit institutions and sign a social contract with the people for that to happen.

All that I have written is very evident to everyone in the world, except us Pakistanis.

If the people in power inside Pakistan do not heed my warning, there will be bloodshed, loss of territory, poverty, and further humiliation in store for my countrymen in the next 10 years.


India USA Defense deal is the culmination of a series of agreements and understandings between India and USA, bringing together two huge democratic countries that aim to rule the world for the next few centuries. China, in their opinion, does not deserve Global clout. Pakistan is not even in their peripheral vision. It’s for Pakistan to understand and adjust accordingly.

Do comment below if you have any evidence to counter my conclusions.

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