Top 5 countries to legally emigrate to from Pakistan

top 5 countries emigrate Pakistan

Top 5 countries to legally emigrate to from Pakistan:

Yeah, yeah! I know you Pakistanis rolling your eyeballs at my suggestion to migrate — but middle-class people in Pakistan also need to experience the good life. Our life isn’t just working for the rich man and exploitative system. We also want our children to spread their wings and rise higher than we did. Unfortunately, despite all the luxuries and laid-back life we have in Pakistan, our society is not civilized and will not be for at least a generation.

Pakistan’s passport has always been in the crapper and because of our rough neighborhood; it is not getting any better soon.

So, here is my top 5 list of countries to emigrate to legally from Pakistan and why:-

top 5 countries  emigrate Pakistan

Canada has the simplest skilled worker emigration form possible. Any young, educated, experienced couple with a few kids can get in within a year or two, with very little cost. Permanent resident status is granted very soon which is converted to citizenship in 3 years’ time. Coming from a country like Pakistan that is yet underdeveloped, Canada would open up opportunities for your children you cannot imagine in the fatherland. The total charges per person are Rs 0.1 million approximately. The Canadian investment visa is for the upper-middle-class Pakistanis that want to sell all their inheritance and move to a modern country. It has worked very well for retired government officers and bureaucrats. Women have made it very successfully in Canada due to their support for the female gender.

Canada can’t have enough Pakistani engineers and IT professionals.

The advantage of seeking Canadian citizenship is that you’d have the opportunity to move to the USA for better economic prospects. The border is porous and movement to and fro is easy.

Australia grants citizenship to emigrants that have a valid work visa for their complete 3 years stay in the country. Pakistanis mostly study in their universities and get jobs after their degree to acquire Australian citizenship eventually. The study-work route is the best for Australian citizenship. Doctors are very welcome from Pakistan, but end up in far-flung locations. All of Australia is beautiful, so it really doesn’t matter where you end up as long as you get your papers eventually.

New Zealand has a skilled worker category that is a little tricky. They mostly look for IT specialists and higher education students from Pakistan. The country is an absolute paradise, though.

The United Kingdom has tightened its student visa policy and its work visas. This means Pakistanis have to either get a farmworker visa, business visa, or a marriage visa, all very cumbersome. The best way is to join their universities and find a job afterward to get your citizenship.

Germany is looking for skilled workers from Pakistan and joining their skill training schools while you are there would only help your prospects of getting citizenship eventually. Higher education is free in Germany and gives Pakistanis the ideal opportunity to enhance their value while the clock ticks in their favor. The only downer is that you’d have to learn German to survive as a working cog there.

Pakistanis can always try Belgium, Norway and France while they are inside Germany. There are many isolated pockets of land in Northern Europe that no one ventures to but has an Indian presence; I would suggest they also be explored. These are Svalbard in Norway, Iceland, and Finland.

It’s perfectly logical to seek a better life for yourself and your loved ones if you can’t find a good life in Pakistan. So, try all these places and try to start fresh, you never know where you end up.

The thumb rule is to choose a country that grants the fastest passport change for you.

Good Luck!

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