Land Grab by India in Kashmir by revoking Article 370

Kashmir article 370

So, the cat’s out of the bag. Mr. Modi being the Muslim-hater Hindu fanatic, hiding behind his nuclear army has returned the Kashmir conundrum to pre 1949 Level, through an executive decree.

To hell with the moral obligation not to devour a Muslim majority state, just because you can.

India this time has gone too far in Kashmir and undone the only legitimate claim to holding on to Kashmiri territory.

Repealing Article 370, which granted autonomy to the Kashmiri people in forming their own laws, except in matters of defense, foreign affairs, and communications is no more. Clause 35A further secured Kashmiri rights not being overwhelmed by Hindus from the mainland, was also repealed.

Modi’s ‘The Final Solution’ of Kashmir by scrapping Article 370 is reminiscent of Israel’s Palestine land grab.

This nerve comes from years of USA patronizing this racist Hindu mob as a counterweight to China and simultaneously muzzling the Muslim voice all over the world by a label of ‘Terrorism’. Now there is no Muslim democracy influential enough to speak against Muslim oppression.

You tell me what is a desperately oppressed Muslim community to do, except call for Jihad?

Previously, the Indian army had occupied Kashmir in 1947 after a wink by their Hindu ruler Hari Singh.

Now a bureaucrat in the Indian capital will tell Kashmiri people who they are what they can say — because the territory is now a Union Territory (UT).

What India hasn’t noticed is that they had to send in crack troops to quell unrest 80 years after the first sin — so, where is the legitimacy?

India intends to build Hindu only settlements inside Muslim majority regions of Jammu & Kashmir State and alter the demographics.

Most of India is segregated anyways, with Muslims living in ghettos, systematically sidelined by racist Hindu mindset — this is what is planned for Kashmir too.

Mr. Modi, Amit Shah and Ajit Doval, the axis of evil have been buoyed by the way the world, including Arab dictators, have been courting India, and don’t feel the need to act justly or responsibly.

This trio aims to push all Muslim opposition inside Kashmir into Azad Kashmir as Israel did to Palestinians.

By abrogating Article 35 India has practically made the disenfranchised Muslim political leadership in Kashmir irrelevant.

Hindu Dogra Hari Singh conducted a scorched earth pogrom of Muslims in Jammu in 1947, the same way Israel did in Palestine — I guess all racist regimes are the same.

Incidentally, India is doing the same with Muslim West Bengalis — so much for their contribution to the Indian cause in the 1971 insurgency.

Now I know why Mr. Jinnah was adamant to pursue the ‘Two Nation’ line — you cannot parley with racist Nazis like BJP & RSS.

Hindus consider Muslims of inferior caste that has converted and therefore deserves no special treatment. Conversely, Muslims have a different way of life that cannot merge with the Hindu style of segregation, extravagance, pomp & show.

Never shall the twain meet.

The world should’ve expected this Israeli textbook move considering the only real ally of India is Benjamin Netanyahu.

Now, how can Pakistan counter this latest grave provocation by India? Pakistan has only two options.

Option No 1. Strike terror into the heart of India, its constitution, and burn a hole in their racial memory so deep, only a crowbar can pry it out. I mean to destroy the towering temples of industrial and innovation progress, burn every hard drive, every server, and tear down the infrastructure. Kill the Intellectual and brain of Indian Silicon Valley and raise to the ground Indian IITs. Exploit the racial and economic divide between classes and religions.

Option No 2 is what I have proposed a million times. ‘National power’ will determine who wins the battle of wits in Kashmir. Although Pakistan Army Chief General Bajwa has said they ready to go to “any extent”, but Pakistan’s military options are very limited. National power comes from Diplomacy, Information, Military strength & Economy — and all these are based on the competence of your people. Spend on Pakistanis and the Kashmiris will gravitate towards you and India will have to let go.

As for Mr. Modi and his ‘final solution’ of colonizing Kashmir, history has never been with the unjust usurpers.

Did Mr. Modi’s friend Netanyahu tell him what General Vespasian said after quelling the Jewish Revolt in Jerusalem “You Jewish people don’t know when you have lost”

Someone remind Mr. Modi’s India, you have lost Kashmir, now it’s just a matter of time.

For more do visit, Pakistan News.

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  1. Khwaja Adnan Ali says:

    I feel too agitated to be able to write anything, but Wali, thanks for giving expression to thoughts, beautifully.

    Modi has struck on Kashmir, at the worst possible political times of Pakistan. Not a coincidence. I think those who ‘managed’ the mess Pakistan finds itself currently in, are equally responsible.

  2. Adiba Akhtar Khalil says:

    Said from the heart.

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