Asian Wok restaurant is well thought-out

Qila Bar B.Q. Bahria

Asian Wok restaurant Beverly center F6 sector Islamabad is supposed to be a Chinese restaurant.

What does Asian Wok mean?

The word Asian Wok is  鑊 in Cantonese and means a convex cooking pan for Chinese food.

Is Asian Wok Islamabad food any good?

Asian Wok Chinese restaurant in F-6 Islamabad may be well thought out, but that doesn’t mean the Chinese food is good.  

Asian Wok Islamabad location

Location of the Asian Wok restaurant can be found from this map pasted below for your reference.

Asian Wok Beverly Centre Islamabad

I had been hearing of this Chinese joint from the Isloo crowd, for ages.

Then one day I got there un-announced and they didn’t have any seat for me.

No matter, I came back a few weeks later with a reservation. This got me curious may be the Asian Wok people have hit the jackpot and found something new and exciting.

Wading through the parking jungle of Beverly center plaza and the garbage strewn side walk, we reached Asian Wok restaurant in the basement of the plaza.

Do not sit outside

It was extremely hot outside, so the outside gallery tables were a big no, no.

Asian Wok restaurant Beverly Hills

The usher at the front desk with the wireless set was a good touch.

We got a table besides the door and I got the impression of an overcrowded, packed restaurant that looked more like a fast food joint.

Asian Wok restaurant Beverly Hills

Asian Wok Menu

The menu was a collage of Chinese and Thai dishes that I had no idea about.  I mean, if you really want to give people Asian food, then stick to one country, right?

Click this to see the menu.

Then there were western food items as well.  That gave away the Pakistaniat of this restaurant.

Asian Wok restaurant Beverly Hills

Asian Wok Islamabad food Quality

  • For starters they gave us an endless supply of crackers and mint margarita (minus the alcohol). That was something new.
  • Then came the Asian Wok special soup, which was thick, and overloaded with spices.
  • This was followed by Chicken Chow Mein, Beef Chili Dry and vegetable fried rice.
  • The noodles in the chow Mein didn’t seem  freshly made and were wiry.
  • Beef chili dry was not dry at all. It was a wet roasted beef.

The Chinese salt spices were a bit too much. I got the impression maybe the food had been refreshed with spices several times over. I could be wrong though.

Whatever the case was, the chinese food was just okay.

The waiting staff was very courteous and tried to change my dishes, but the damage had been done.

Asian Wok Islamabad cannot be called a Cafe because their beverages and snacks list is very limited

asian wok

Asian wok price

They charged me upwards of Rs 5000 which is reasonable for a hoity-toity restaurant.

Asian wok Environment

I looked around and saw bored trophy housewives, wanna-be-gori Pakistani ladies, the odd rich kid with their gelled back hair, a few goras and confused Chinese. Confused because they probably never tasted Chinese food like this in their country.

Luqman sahib, the owner of Asian Wok and Monal, needs to look into the taste of Chinese cuisine.

The free lemon grass kehwa (tea) at the end was nice.


I would give Asian Wok a 6.5/10 only for the hip crowd it pulls in because of its location.

Asian Wok Chinese Restaurant Phone Contact

Click this to go to their website and contact number 051 2206988, 051 2814219, this is also their home delivery numbers

For more reviews on Restaurants, click this.

Asian Wok Bahria Phase 7

There is an Asian Wok Restaurant in Bahria Phase 7 as well

The location is better than Islamabad and they have open air dining as well.

This was the closed Asian Wok restaurant near me, other wise there are others in Bahria Town and Lahore.

Asian Wok Bahria town Phase 7 delivery 

For deliveries, call this number 051 8840180

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