Pakistan Ranking on Various Global Indexes

Pakistan Ranking on Global Indexes

Pakistan Ranking on Various Global Indexes

IndexRanking/Total CountriesSourceYear
Exports66/224CIA World Fact book2016
Imports55/223CIA World Fact book2016
GDP (nominal) per capita173/216World Bank2016
GDP (PPP)26/229CIA World Fact book2016
Competitiveness Index115/137World Economic Forum20172018
Ease of Business Index144/190World Bank2017
Labor Force10/233CIA World Fact book2016
Reserves of foreign exchange and gold57/172CIA World Fact book2016
Corruption Perceptions Index117/180Transparency International2017
Democracy Index110/167Economist Intelligence Unit2017
Failed States Index17/178Fund for Peace and Foreign Policy2017
Human Development147/188World Economic Forum2015
Terror & laundering Financing Risk46/146Basel Institute, Sweden2018
Passport Power Index96/98Global Passport Power2017
Happiness Index80/154World Happiness Report 20162016
Global Slavery Index6/167Walk Free Foundation2017
Global Climate Risk Index131/146Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy2017
Fragile States Index14th from the topUS fund for Peace2017
World Giving Index92/139Top ten in giving a stranger2017
Global Power22/80US News Survey2017
Global Hunger Index106/119US International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)2017
Global Innovation Index (GII)119/128Cornell University, INSEAD and the World Intellectual Property Organisation,2016
Military Strength11th strongestCredit Suisse report on globalization2015
Global Terrorism Index5/163Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP)2016
Travel and tourism Competitiveness125/141WEF2013
Press Freedom139/180Reporter without borders RSF2017
Mobile Phone Users9/222Pakistan Telecom Authority2016
Number of Internet Users27/217International Telecom Union2017


Wherever the index requires numbers of people, irrespective of their quality and skill, Pakistan does well in ranking e.g. mobile phone users, military strength, GDP-PPP, labor force. On the other hand, chronically low investment in people over the decades now shows up in weak Human Development, Global Hunger, Innovation, competitiveness, Technology ranking. It is an accepted fact that unless the government invests in its people’s education, health, and training, the country will not be able to sustain its own weight.

Low production, low exports, less competitiveness, poor governance, weak institutions, stunted growth, and GDP figures are all symptoms of an investment starved population. In fact, healthcare and education might be the only role of government anywhere.

Bad priorities, in turn, lead to social turmoil, terror, less freedom of expression, less tourism, and financial trouble. As the internal condition is reflected in foreign relations, Pakistan is the lowest in prosperity, terror index, Fragility, failed state, and Passport power.

On the other hand, Pakistan ranks highest in military numbers and happiness. Happiness can be attributed to a devout population that has resigned to accept fate, as it is.

Our lopsided priorities are quite glaringly visible from this data. Pakistan needs to place all its resources back into its people and they will bring up all the critical indices on their own — it’s no rocket science, people!

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    Very nice summarization and spot on with your concluding remarks!

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