Global Warming is killing people in Pakistan and I have solution

global warming pakistan

Yes, this summer is again searing hot because of Global Warming in Pakistan. Last year Pakistan was in the global warming news again for recording the hottest temperatures ever in April, in modern times. As if we needed another reason for the undecided to run from this stereotyped hard country and never look back.

Global Warming by definition is heating up of our planet Earth due to spraying of contaminants like Carbon Dioxide, CFCs etc in to the atmosphere, way beyond when mother nature can recycle in a short time. Contaminating our environment is the real cause of global warming.  Global Warming Pakistan in Urdu is “بہت زیادہ آلودگیوں کی وجہ سے گلوبل وارمنگ زمین کو گرم کررہی ہے جسے تھوڑی ہی دیر میں قدرتی طور پر صاف نہیں کیا جاسکتا۔”. What Global Warming means is that Homo Sapien has killed off most of the species of the earth and now is on the verge of killing off the planet. The history of modern man shows careless disregard for mother nature, and Global Warming is the ominous warning of potential disaster.

The Global Warming facts and effects in Pakistan are

For all those who think Global Warming is a hoax, listen to this…

Nawabshah was burning at 50 degrees Celsius when it should’ve been a manageable 30 degrees C outside. Researchers say Pakistan will experience summer days that are 5 degrees C hotter (average) than what you have right now—within the next 50 years.

Our Glaciers, the refrigerators of this region, are receding several square Kilometres every year. Less Glaciers, less water, less vegetation leads to high temperatures.

Our forest cover has reduced from 4% of the total mass in 1947 to 1% in 2017—most of it due to illegal trade and unbridled urbanization but a lot of it is due to climate change.

I have seen pine trees die-off in Ziarat, Quetta, Azad Kashmir, and KPK, due to unusual heat, abnormal weather patterns, and rampant sub-soil water use.

Pakistan just contributes 1% to the global greenhouse gasses but is the 5th most vulnerable country due to financial and institutional weaknesses. 

I swear, those 50 people did not have to die in the Karachi heat spike of 2017 that was blamed on load shedding.

Right now we have more people, more garbage, more animals, a retreating environment, and low productivity as a consequence

The only consolation prize Pakistan has got for a burning hot summer is that Global Warming has reduced the Corona Virus average deaths in Pakistan to 2.2%.

The top Green House emitters

We can always blame the power-house countries for ejecting clouds of Carbon into the atmosphere—which might be true to a certain extent—- China, USA, European Union and India are the top Carbon Dioxide emitters —this doesn’t absolve Pakistan from blame.

Why is Pakistan so vulnerable to Global Warming

The real cause of our collective misery is poor governance. ( read whats holding back Pakistan), which leads to financial and institutional weaknesses. Weaknesses that hit the poor hardest.

When you have extractive (exploitative) institutions, that are busy protecting the interests of their social class, there is very little consideration for the daily wager that dies in the sweltering summer heat. His children will probably be malnourished, food poisoned, mentally and physically stunted, dehydrated and poor like their father—all thanks to poor governance.

No one stopped us from planting trees, improving urban living, recycling garbage and water, reducing population growth in men and animals, producing clean energy (solar, hydro, wind), public transportation, practicing weather modification, insulating homes, and eating organic.

Mother Nature has a cruel fail-safe in case we mess with it for too long.

What are the Big-3 doing about Global Warming

China, the USA, and India are actively practicing weather modification. China has an ambitious program to induce rain in the Northern regions by spraying Silver Iodide in the atmosphere. There are always supercooled vapors in the clouds; we just have to tickle them with fine chemicals to bring in rain.  

My solution to Global Warming for Pakistan

In Pakistan, for starters, we need to save whatever rain water we do get.  ( read this) After that, 

We just have to ‘choona’ (Calcium Carbonate) everything white, including roads, in the urban humid cauldron and let the wind blow through. It’s that simple!

I mean how expensive can it be to white-wash (Calcium Carbonate ‘choona’) our roof tops or cover them with clinging vines to reduce our carbon footprint? It’s just a few thousand rupees for tens of thousands saved in electricity and health bills.

I have tried it myself, it brings down the temperature of the room at least 5-7 degrees Celsius.

This is the least expensive solution for Global Warming in Pakistan

Expensive solution for Global Warming in Pakistan

Install 10KWhr Solar Panel based electrical system with reverse metering (for Rs 1.7 million) and you’d be saving up to Rs 20,000 per month for yourself and also reducing carbon emissions. The best thing about solar panels is that it brings down temperature of your home about 5 degrees Celsius.

The conclusion is that we don’t need to increase our people footprint; we need to increase our quality, productivity, innovation footprint, all the while living in harmony with Mother Nature. Global Warming is a problem that we should not leave for our kids and future generations.

As for the governance part, that comes from quality institutions that are accountable to the people. This I leave for another day. Thanks for reading.

Post Script.

If you need a Global Warming presentation, essay, artciles, pdf or slide share regarding Pakistan, I’ll be more than willing to make you one. The best Quote on Global Warming for Pakistan is by Pope Francis


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