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How to improve yourself ( 10 ways) Pakistan way

improve yourselfTo improve yourself.Repeat ‘I am enough’ everyday first thing in the morning and whenever you feel lost. It is a life changing mantra—cuz its very true. After your parents, you ARE alone. Nature has given you the one unique skill no one has— so find it before your parents pass away.

  1. Conduct an online personality assessment and know who you are. Believe me there are many hidden curve balls nature throws at you. So, ‘know thyself’.
  2. Align your life goal with your personality strengths. Be truthful to yourself.
  3. Minimize the negatives that show up in personality profile. Tone the show-spoilers.
  4. Stick to the one skill that give you a distinct edge over the majority. I mean top 5 percentile.
  5. Tighten your belt and pursue this skill like a devil possessed. Guard your ‘me’ time and invest on producing what you do best.
  6. Drop all unproductive habits, thoughts, people and activities during ‘me’ time. There is nothing more therapeutic then doing what you excel at—that is aligned with your goal.
  7. Alcohol, drugs , promiscuity pollutes your body-temple.
  8. Pursue this life goal with your top personality-strength every day of the week. I mean give it your prime time and beyond, every day.
  9. Results will start showing up very soon. Keep at it till you are successful and then keep building it further.
  10. All other things are peripherals. Your family, friends, colleagues, boss will all understand and adjust accordingly. Everyone loves a person with a passion.

improve yourself

This is what your daily routine would look like:-

Slowly build a morning routine.

  • Get up early—immediately after dawn.
  • Drink water.
  • Meditate, pray, do yoga, exercise, take the dog out.
  • Be grateful to the higher being in your life.
  • Sweat!

Break down the day into chunks.

  • Get the money-making venture over quickly.
  • Start off with your life goal venture early as possible. Strike off something in the to-do list every day.

Get lost in the pleasure of the work you absolutely love at least for a few hours every day.

Get back home and connect with your friends, family, and parents. 5-6 people in total—not more. That’s all you need to live through life, happy.

Laugh like a madman, love like puppy dog— with these people. Keep the outliers at an arms distance.

Half an hour before bedtime take stock of the day and prepare the next day’s tasks. Keep them very simple and short.

improve yourself

Read 500 pages a day

Sleep at 10 pm

Schedule traveling go to places you never wen before, my list of places is in the following link, partying, visit to religious congregations, socializing —hell, whatever rocks your boat—several weeks in advance. Look forward to it and savor it.

But… realign to your life goal the minute it is over.

To be rich and successful is no mystery. All great people, who include rich people, lead a much-disciplined life like the one I have mentioned. Everyone can do it. Even prophets have recommended this lifestyle one way or the other.

So try it one small step at a time— I guarantee you MY kind of success!

God Speed

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