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child predator

We owe it to innocent Zainab and the several angels that were lost in the horrific Kasur incidences, that we expose these monsters ( child predator) and prevent future incidences. My collection of red flags in spotting a Pedophile and likely Psychopath are mentioned below.


They have no conscience, moral code, guilt, remorse or feelings. These psychopathic killers are very difficult to identify except sometimes when they drop the ball and reveal ‘inconsistency’ in their perfect role playing. This could be a momentary condescending facial expression, calling downtrodden people “useless”, animal mistreatment, inappropriate emotional response to tragic events, and extraordinary attention to children. “They are too involved with image management, have one-sided relationships, always giving, never taking, opportunistic, manipulative, superficial, too prone to violate boundaries of personal space and privacy; aggressive when confronted, too quick to drop friendships when (victim) children grow older, likely to disappear when contact with children is denied, charming and just too good to be true”, is how a Clinical Psychiatrists who has interviewed several of these people, defines them.

These predators stalk their prey for a long time before striking. They are usually socially skilled and highly placed in the community, who presents himself as the perfect businessman, molvi, doctor, nurse, volunteer, etc., who is extra helpful, private, very attentive to children, and of course, touchy. These predators come from varied backgrounds but are very intelligent. Often the pedophile is male and over 30 years of age and are usually people you know and trust; uncles, Molvi sahibs’, neighbors, nephews, brothers, teachers, etc. Pedophiles tend to have “gaps” in their employment history. Child molesters may not be abuse victims themselves, they are genetically predisposed to such acts. Environment just triggers their behavior. They have hobbies that are child-like such as collecting popular expensive toys, keeping reptiles or exotic pets, or building plane and car models sometimes meant to entice victims. Most child abuse occurs in either the victim or the offender’s home.

The Predators prefer the same group of children; in the same class at school, in the same playgroup, madrassa, or in the same neighborhood. They know how to talk to children, and listen intently to find vulnerabilities. He may expose himself to children or make obscene phone calls to children. He may utilize the services of a child prostitute. He finds children to be non-threatening objects with which he can explore his sexual fantasies.They treat children like peers rather than like children and are mostly male. They also use their own children for their future preys.

Don’t expect a child to mention that they are being victimized by a pedophile. Such kids are under complete control of their abusers. Victimized children almost never invent stories of sexual abuse. So, believe your child. Abused child may get emotionally attached with the abuser due to Stockholm syndrome. These predators get turned off by children who say “No”, as ‘No’ means loss of control. Therefore, it is important to teach your kids to say ‘No’ firmly.

The severe psychopathic pedophiles find it difficult to express anger and hostility, which then builds until it explodes-possibly against their child victim. Because of mental or emotional problems, some might take out their frustration in cruel sexual torture. Almost any Psychopathic Pedophile is capable of violence or even murder to avoid identification. Their sexual fantasies and erotic imagery focus on children. They play out their twisted fantasies to get the control and high they crave. This mostly leads to a painful death for the child. Almost all pedophiles have a collection of pornography, which they protect at all costs. Many of them also collect “souvenirs” from their victims. Psychopathic Pedophiles actually enjoy the killing act of taking an innocent life “I can clearly see his face and eyes now…” are actual words of such a killer watching a child suffocate to death. Psychopathic killers will repeat their offence, growing more brazen and torturous with each success. They aim to taunt the authorities with their ability to be “ghost” and social chameleons’.

The best way to prevent the sexual molestation of your child is to pay attention to your child. A sexual predator feeds on children who are neglected. 

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  1. Very informative.
    Children need to have sexual education at school and need to know that its often a person familiar to them.
    So very sad …..

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