View from Yum Chinese & Thai Restaurant

Yum Chinese and Thai Restaurant

Right behind Hardees is Yum Chinese and Thai Restaurant in Rana market F-7/2 Islamabad, Pakistan. Yumchina is a huge food brand in China, and like always, I think the Pakistani restaurant owner wants to piggyback on the brand name, without paying for it actually.

This is the go-to place for western returned Pakistanis and foreigners. Yum Chinese and Thai restaurant F-7 Islamabad were the nearest to me, so I landed there one cool Saturday, to check it out.

Yum Chinese and Thai restaurant map and location is pasted below for your reference.

yums restaurant

Yum Chinese a Thai restaurant offers western-style breakfasts that are the rage in Islamabad, with funky names that I have never heard of.

Their menu has everything; ducks, lobsters, crabs, and even squid are part of Thai seafood. I wonder who would eat squids.

It’s located on top of English Tea house and that adds to its allure.

I am not too fond of their name ‘Yums’, it comes off kind of childish.

The parking is limited but the valet does the job.

This area of the F-7 sector is pretty overcrowded but I guess this is the best shot they had of getting close to Margalla hills.

I saw a lot of trophy wives paraded around by their smirking husbands, precariously balancing their gait upon pencil heels.

Reservations have to be made in advance as the staff is trained to make you wait till eternity, otherwise.

The middle floors have wonderful full-sized glass panels to peer out of.

I personally loved the top deck with its view of green Margalla hills. A slight breeze blows through in the evening which is very delightful.

The boundary of the top deck is lined with tall green plants that add to the beauty of Islamabad’s view.

The food was typically for the Pakistani pallet. Even the Chinese tasted desi.

Anyways I wasn’t there to complain, considering it was an all-paid aftari.

I personally loved the prawn tempura, beef chili dry, and Kung pao chicken. The Chao mein noodles were wiry and didn’t seem fresh.

The Garson was very prompt and friendly. The place was a bit overcrowded, I felt.

The total bill was a smooth 1500 per person, which is quite a lot.

This is Yums Chinese & Thai food contact 0300 0503291 & (051) 2609361 and they deliver food to your home too.

I would recommend eating out at the restaurant site, just to check out the pretty ladies.

This is their website

For more reviews on restaurants, do visit this link.


There is also a Yum Chinese and Thai restaurant branch in DHA and Gulburg Lahore in Pakistan and Little elm, Frisco, and Westland in the USA. Apparently, the broccoli recipe of Yum Chinese is very famous.

There is a sister restaurant Spice Bazaar, Chashni Sweet shop, and English tea house in the vicinity of Yums Chinese, so you can hop to any of these if daddy has a sweet tooth tonight.

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