Israel Palestine Jerusalem plan

Why USA’s Israel Palestine Jerusalem peace plan is BS

Mr. Trump, his son Jared Kushner’s Israel Palestine Jerusalem Peace Plan is a non-starter and aimed to show total dominance of colonist-like western power over brutalized middle East. 

It first started with Mr. Trump fulfilling his election promise of shifting the US embassy to Jerusalem, thereby granting full legitimacy to Israel’s annexation of the holiest Muslim spiritual center. This was to show all the Muslim sympathizers and those that believed in the Muslim cause, that they amount to nothing. Mr. Trump personally wouldn’t care either way, but he knows how to win, even if he has to appease the Devil himself.

Then, Jared Kushner came up with a crappy plan, called the Israel Palestine Jerusalem Plan, to give autonomy to the Palestinian West Bank and Gaza Strip, which is already moth-eaten, isolated, and unviable, only if Palestine accepts full control of Israel in Jerusalem and Jordan valley. Who are they fooling? Such humiliation of Muslims of the middle east just because they didn’t have the military might challenge colonial oppressors? Where is justice in the world?

So, the way of the world is that you exploit other races to stack up wealth, then you build bigger guns and use them to tear down the skeleton of vulnerable nations, that are predominately Muslims, to keep them unstable for decades to come. Then you install your stooges to sign on your dotted line to extract all the wealth from the same hapless nation.

Finally, you settle your spoilt bratty clique of pressure group in these lands to rub salt into the vanquished people’s wounds.

Good going Novo-colonials, and they say Muslims are violent to protest.

Events after USA’s embassy move

Jerusalem (Al Quds) move of US to shift embassy there just gives President Trump a few brownie points in the conservative base in the bible belt. The US gains very little influence internationally. How can this move be good for enhancing US global power, considering there are rivals waiting in the wake?

It’s embarrassing for the world’s only superpower

The UN vote final tally clearly rejected the US move to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital; 128-in favor of the rejection, 9-against; with 34 abstentions.

“We’ll be watching [each and every vote]” shows the US is desperate

The then US ambassador to UN Nikki Haley’s remarks was a blatant threat. This shows how the desperate US has become to get back to its high pedestal, increasingly being taken up by India and China.

US staunch allies Canada, Australia, and Mexico have been exposed

Any doubt left on the impartiality and integrity of these countries has been revealed here. Mexico should have known better. The wall is still coming up; cozying up to Mr. Trump will not help.

The leadership role of Turkey

Turkey leads the charge in the UN. This indicates Turkey is taking up a leadership role in the Muslim world. It’s about time someone stood up. Ottoman Mehmet II in the making?

US credibility in South Asia will suffer–Hope for Kashmir

Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi compared atrocities in Palestine to Kashmir, and rightly so. After this vote, there is hope for Kashmir too.

OIC has teeth now    

Last week’s post-OIC conference, attended by leaders of 50 Muslim countries states, “declare East Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Palestine, and invite all countries to recognize the State of Palestine and East Jerusalem as its occupied capital.”

The Muslim world is being humiliated repeatedly for losing to colonial British and French. The USA is the inheritor of the Colonial military might have taken up the mantle of drawing out the last drop of blood and wealth from their previous playgrounds, the middle east, and Africa. 

Don’t Muslims deserve to live decently with respect? Don’t Muslims have asperation to be what they were sent on earth to be? Don’t Muslims want to enjoy the fruits of a secure democracy? When will this apartheid against Muslims, perpetuated by the USA and their stooges UK, France, Australia, and India end? Muslims are not animals — they have feelings.

That’s why I say this Israel Palestine Jerusalem Plan is plain BS

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