8 Thorns in USA-Pakistan relations

USA Pakistan relations

This is my list of issues that are plaguing USA Pakistan relations 

After seeing our brainless baboos chasing personal promotions instead of diplomacy, and going through several rounds of several rounds of boom-bust cycle in Pakistan’s relations with USA,I thought it necessary that I put in my two cents on a very important link of USA with the muslim world.

USA has to let one Muslim democracy succeed.

They can’t install regimes of their choice in all Muslim countries of the world. The mess USA has created in the Middle East, and Iran, for their narrow economic interest, cannot be replicated everywhere. Not every Muslim country has sold out generals working on someone else’s prodding. This time over, any attempt to destabilize Pakistan could lead to widespread pressure to exact revenge across the Atlantic. Anti US sentiment is already very high in Pakistan and will not abate unless a functioning democratic order is firmly established. So, stop conducting coups inside Pakistan, let the change come from inside out

Ease off the anti-Muslim rhetoric.

It is very cheap to scare you white voters from the bogey of radical Islam. Radical Islam is the creation of shallow western strategists, using disgruntled Muslim citizens under tyrants, for tactical gains. If you stop destabilizing Middle East, and let them live in a democratic country, there would be no Islamic radicals. Radical Islam is a product of frustration, injustice, lack of opportunities and having no voice, in Muslim citizenry. You cannot kill every radical that appears on the scene. So, let conservative Muslims see the benefits of a moderate form of government, that delivers and they will convert on their own.

Open up USA for Pakistani educated class 

Pakistani engineers, technicians, skilled workers and businessmen must be allowed to gain from the impressive machine USA has become over the centuries. Let Pakistan see the real USA up close, by easing visa restriction.

Let Pakistan’s passport recover prestige.

Remove the politically motivated travel advisory against Pakistan. Educated Pakistani parents need to know that investment in education of their kids leads to greater opportunities abroad. Denying Pakistanis this freedom of movement and migration is denying Americans’ the opportunity to see the bigger picture and face real competition. The scope of the USA Pakistan Knowledge corridor has to be expanded to at least 50,000 Pakistani students, like the one China has in place.

USA has to write off Pakistan’s debts

like in the case of Egypt, Pakistan has been giving USA a favorable deal in South Asia. Pakistan has won the war against USSR for USA and is now negotiating their ‘cut and run’ from Afghanistan. Debts write off is the least USA can do for services rendered as Pakistan’s debt makes any government initiative useless. Pakistan’s nascent democracy has to deliver this time. The $ 6.6 Billion mutual trade is peanuts for a country the size of Pakistan (210 million people). Bilateral Investment Treaty should be on terms that are easy on Pakistan trade, not aid — so that US Pak Rupee rate stabilizes.

Stop trying to downgrade Pakistan as India’s bi*ch.

India cannot handle its own Muslim population, how is it going to handle Pakistan’s issues. Just yesterday Modi’s Hindu fascist mob killed a Muslim because of his religion. How do you think Pakistanis will accept hegemony of a country that sent in troops to East Pakistan to dismember it? The more USA leans towards India for financial gains, the more Pakistan will thwart USA’s interest, almost as a knee jerk reaction.

See, India USA defense Deal

Pakistan’s relationship with China and Russia is not a zero sum game

One Belt One Road initiative will not threaten USA. This is very well possible with Pakistan working both sides. There can be a middle ground. Pakistan has to have the favor of these two neighboring giants to do well economically. Let Pakistan balance this equation of USA-China-Russia-Pakistan.

Kashmir is the only Muslim state that is still in India’s occupation.

This is unacceptable to Pakistanis in many ways. Islam makes it compulsory to fight for justice for oppressed Muslims and Pakistan is deeply religious. USA has to stop riding the fence and help solve this festering wound. After all, a gangrenous limb can kill the whole body as well.

Pakistan and Afghanistan can form a lose dominion

Afghanistan is an unviable country that will always be a power vacuum for bad guys, because of its economic vulnerability. Pakistan and Afghanistan can form a lose dominion (sharing just defense, foreign policy and communications) that would help stabilize the whole region around the place.

Help Pakistan build responsive, light and autonomous institutions

So that the leeches that our currently leading our state institutions, can be weeded out for the betterment of the people.

USA Pakistan relations History

USA Pakistan relations dawn, history and timeline starts from when Pakistani PM Liaquat Ali Khan was murdered by an alleged soviet hit-man, from Afghanistan, for tilting towards USA. The dictator Ayub Khan gladly hugged USA even more tightly for legitimacy, after that. 

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