It’s payback time — Pakistan style, Win Pakistan

win pakistan

It was lovely to see another people’s government (Imran Khan & PTI) coming into power in Pakistan. I feel the staggering giant that is my country, slowly rising. It’s time to win Pakistan.

This country has lost several battles over the decades in its war campaign against international disrespect, building a national narrative, human development, and even military power projection. What we see on the surface is military battles lost in Bangladesh and Kargil. What we don’t see is the losing war of substance.

The substance is the superior culture, economy, human resource and technology, and lastly military muscle that Pakistan needs desperately. It’s the intrinsic substance of a nation that makes others bend to your will.

I feel it’s Pakistan’s time to collect and payback is a b*tch.

I’ll give you a 5 point plan to put an end to this humiliation and see the world fall to your feet:

Follow the constitution and enforce the rule of law, without discrimination. Let democracy self-correct with no one person amassing power, ever. Fund the Judicial set up and support its independence. All opportunists will run for cover and your coffers will spew gold.

Cut the government’s size by half and let go of money-making ventures. Keep the military dormant for one generation i.e. 25 years. I mean lights out at the center and ceasing all active operations except border control. Invest heavily in education, health care, and skills training.


Build the society around the medina’s model of an Islamic welfare republic where minorities have their rights guaranteed. Let people speak out and complain against injustice and oppression, including women. Just don’t disturb the Islamic concept of a nuclear family — that’s our forte.

Build international coalitions based on sincerity, fairness, and mutual respect — the basic tenants of Islam. Scr*w realpolitik — one good ally is better than tens of opportunists. Rope in Muslim countries into a loose dominion of nations, to form a larger bloc — that would give influence. Devolve power down to the union council level — keep nothing at the center beside the military and foreign policy.

The detractors would say we need war toys to deter aggression. I say when provoked Islam’s concept of holy war guarantees no one can overrun us.  We can be the Godzilla of aggression if the cause is just; now is not the time.

To hell with national power and the concepts of DIME (Diplomatic, Information, Economic & Military Power)! All these pundits wouldn’t know what hit them.

You do this and I guarantee you a country that will trump all the unsustainable systems of government in the world, which are based on authoritarianism, greed, selfishness, might-is-right, and racism.

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