Imran Khan Pakistan jobs will come by slashing govt

imran khan Pakistan jobs

Imran Khan Pakistan job season kicked off 2020, by designating it the “year of job creation”; with the coffers empty, a society under corona lockdown, and India breathing down Pakistani neck — that’s a long shot.

It would be nice to daydream that Imran Khan manages to grow the economy at 6% growth rate, to absorb the 3% population increase, but that is highly unlikely. Imran Khan counters that by saying there are 1.25 lakh jobs in the government sector only. What about the multitudes of others?

Going back to Asad Umar’s days, the promise of creating 10 million jobs target of PTI, was a flop. Let’s see what Imran Khan Pakistan jobs pk initiative does this time. Pakistan, with a 45% current account deficit, 10% unemployment in the 15-24 age bracket, 70% debt to GDP, and 2 million youths entering the job market every year, simple measures are not cut it. My two cents on employment creation and Imran khan Pakistan jobs are as follows:

Just facilitate genuine entrepreneurs 

By easy financing, free movement of capital, simple taxation, and the government taking up the risk, genuine entrepreneurs can rapidly absorb job seekers. No amount of bailouts would make a lousy businessman productive overnight — don’t protect anyone.

Then get rid of the white elephants

Non-productive sacred cows in the government are gangrene to the economy. The government’s job is only law & order, education, and health. Just focus on that and let the real businessmen handle our Achilles heels like PIA, Pak Steel, Heavy complexes.  These mammoths and their bureaucracy cannot be suckled anymore. Swallow the bitter pill — sell them off — people will thank you for that. Even one factory sold off inside a complex would have a ripple effect on productivity all around — by association.

Give wide spread Internet access to Freelancers

Pakistan exports in Information & Communication Technology are stagnant at $ 2 Billion. This is because all the young kids that make a killing online in Freelance jobs don’t record their earnings. There is a world out there for any educated kid with a broadband connection and a laptop to make money. With 70% broadband penetration, all the government has to do is to pay for the broadband and laptop and the person is ready to make his own money. The cost would not be more than Rs 10,000 per person.

More water reservoirs and irrigation channels

Agriculture employs about 50 percent of the labor in Pakistan and it runs on water. Local small dams can help cultivate barren lands, just like our larger neighbor has done. One bulldozer costs Rs 10,000 per hour. A 10-hour work would be sufficient to build dykes and dams on perennial streams for cultivation purposes. The total expenditure is Rs 100,000 per acre. One deep well would cost Rs 1.5 million, but the returns would be several times over.

Private investment in schools and hospitals

Encourage entrepreneurs to invest in establishing schools and hospitals as we just can’t have enough of them. Give them tax holidays, easy land acquisition in rural areas and risk protection. This can only help increase the mental functions of the population and also boost job creation. These businesses are bound to be successful as the demand for them is huge.

Stop messing around with neighbors

Due to improving law and order and roads, domestic tourism has witnessed a 100 % increase this year. This long-neglected sector has just picked up steam and there is no stopping exponential growth in this sector. Foreign tourists coming in would be a bonus, but domestic tourists compensate pretty well despite their absence.  So, the goras can stick to India if they like, while we have good domestic tourist numbers. A good tour guide can make Rs 400,000 in six months of the tourist season. This money can last him the rest of the year.  Just remember, good law & order in not a roadblock every 100 yards — that’s a nuisance.

Free reign to construction and retail

The construction and Retail sector go hand in hand. One quality mall employs people in the thousands, not to mention the allied industries supporting it. Pakistan’s import bill is already $ 67 Billion so there is no need to reduce it any further. As far as construction and real estate is concerned, once the government digitizes land records, the real potential of this sector would be unleashed. Pakistani IT firms have experience in digitizing land records. It can be done in the first year of government.

Exports through Special Economic Zones

If the PPP government can reach $ 25 billion in exports by improving exporter liquidity, so can you. Focus on the Special Economic zones for that.

Spend on removing infrastructure bottlenecks

Whatever you do, keep spending on roads, bridges, pipelines, power plants, dams, and industrial estates. Even the last 20% of revenues, after debt servicing and defense, has to be spent on this infrastructure. It will not only create jobs but would help give a competitive advantage to your products.

Mr. Asad Umar fizzled out because PTI came in without a plan. But not much is required by Imran Khan is planning to create jobs ( he can focus on SMEs, you can read it here) is just the knack to removing roadblocks from enterprising people. Imran Khan Pakistan job creation has all to do with cutting bureaucracy, military and focusing on education and training.

Good Luck!


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These job sites for Pakistan have bank jobs, job alerts, job news, and vacancies for 2019, 2020 as well.  These have nothing to do with Imran khan jobs


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