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5 conditions that create a suicide bomber

All five conditions that create a suicide bomber can be described in one word – Desperation!

Statistics on Suicide Bombing

90% of all suicide bombings in the recent decades have taken place in:-

  • Syria,
  • Iraq,
  • Afghanistan,
  • Pakistan
  • Srilanka.

In 2015, 75% of these happened in Afghanistan, Pakistan & Iraq alone. I’d be referring to these suicide bombing-prone countries while explaining each of the conditions that lead to such a statistic.

What Creates a Suicide Bomber?

Desperation that leads to creating a  suicide bomber happens when:-

No hope for a better life

The immediate life around suicide bombers doesn’t seem to get better and there is no hope either. A normal person requires the following to live a decent life-

  • food
  • shelter
  • health
  • s*x,
  • security
  • socializing
  • self-expression (music, art, writing)
  • Some Justice

Remove any one of these and you’d have an incomplete member of society. Remove several of these and you’d have a very angry individual, unable to understand his own broken self and how improve his condition.

Poor Education and Health

With severely underfunded health and education sectors in Afghanistan and Pakistan both are also very low in global human development indices and high on conflict.  The only way to mitigate this is by allowing society to evolve under a democratic setup.

Quote of Quran related to suicide bomber
Quote of Quran related to suicide bomber

Global Power Politics

Conflict of interest in Global power politics forces opposing sides to fund radical groups like Pakistan’s case here, for their cause.

As some Islamic schools of thought permit the use of force in matters of injustice and oppression, Muslim clergy misuse this wild card to create foot soldiers  ( suicide bombers)for both sides. In the melee, uneducated teenagers are the most vulnerable group to be exploited.

Teenage suicide bombers have been extensively used by both camps in the Afghanistan-Pakistan theatre. The solution for this is not to meddle in global politics if you don’t have sufficient national power.

Lack of Social Justice 

They are ruled by dictators who don’t understand freedom of choice or expression. Not every person is a conformist. It’s this way Mother Nature keeps a balance in society.

Dictators can’t understand this concept or are fearful of dissent. They’d rather keep their foreign masters happy than listen to the dissenting voice in their society. When dictators crack down on the non-conformists to save their hide, a violent reactionary mind is born.

Pent-up anger over decades and extractive institutions lead to a generation of suicidal reactionaries.

Broken Families

An incompetent, self-centered, absentee father is the number one reason for kids to get radicalized. Teenage boys pick up the attitudes, goals, habits, and vision of a good life from their persevering fathers. If the father has never been brought under the radar for being competitive enough to build a family, the results can be devastating for emotionally vulnerable kids.

Not every single child is intelligent enough to succeed like Bill Clinton and Obama. A bad childhood can also create a narcissist like Mr. Trump. The solution is to give power to women and children to exit from the shadows of a toxic father.


Injustice, oppression, aggression, inequality, greed against Muslim states would breed the most radical resistance groups. And fight them on until there is no more tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice and faith”. A Muslim is not allowed to seek extravagance or condone injustice.

So if you need to bomb a particular Muslim country into Stone Age to feed your greed, do keep in mind there would be thousands of very angry people, planning to bring mayhem back to your doorstep.

You can’t kill every one of them; the chicken will eventually come home to roost. 

suicide bomber


In conclusion, the only way to stop creating radical Islamic bombers is by allowing one successful model Islamic democratic nation to rise out of the present lot that has genuine democracy, rule of law, and a legitimate defense. In other words, STOP CARRYING OUT REGIME CHANGES! This country should be assisted in its nation-building through conflict resolution, instead of encouraging differences- otherwise, no one would be safe.

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