7 ways to listen to intuition — your inner voice of God

Intuition, Ilham and Kashaf are all voices of God that whisper to you the answers in moments of silent reflection. This voice is a gentle and loving advice that lingers like a sweet musical note, high above the clamor of self-loathing, frustration, rage. Listen and you’d have the world reveal its secrets to you.

Those who don’t listen to this inner voice are never really free.

Naafi’ related this about Umar (RA); “Umar sent out a military detachment with Saariyah in charge. Whilst Umar was delivering the Friday sermon, he suddenly called out, “O Saariyah, the mountain! The mountain!” Later we found that Saariyah had suddenly moved towards the mountain (to save his legion from harm) at that same moment even though there was a month’s journey between them”. 

This is how you connect with your intuition, your soul voice:-

Keep a journal of your thoughts. Intuitive suggestions to your conscience mind appear in many different forms. Your journal will reveal the path for you.

Exercise every day. For tens of thousands of years, the modern man has been running to sync mind, body and soul for survival. Your ancestor’s gift of intuition will speak to you when you run every day. Exercise, especially running sharpens the senses that are vital to instincts.

Meditate in silence. Prayer, remembering God, yoga all give you peace only when you really focus on connecting to the divine. This connection requires absolute silence and you to say aloud your intentions and desires. It is then intuition takes over.

Allow your subconscious and unconscious mind both to collect data. Let your faculties that have preserved the human race since millennium, gather information essential to reach a conclusion that is the best course for you. Expose yourself to all the experiences, good or bad with an aim to let your soul decide.

Make a list of your top priorities and work on them one step at a time, every day. This list will help your soul connection. Pursue what inspires you, every day.

Take a long walk, listen to music or distract yourself by looking at the Sun. Your soul might connect the dots when you least expect it.

Finally, think of a vision that inspires you before going to bed, your intuition will come up with a path for you in the morning.

This is what inspired people had to say about this inner voice:-


Still, listen to God’s voice inside you and feel your soul fly.

I hope you are inspired too.

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  1. Mike Harrison says:

    To me, intuition is the best advice, from……? You just know that God has his hand on you. It is the most warmest and touching glow that last for days….
    It is a closeness to God that one dreams of. I have had my gift since I. Was young thing….but grew stronger and wiser the older I got . My best present except for salvation he gave me! Thank you God for answering all my prayers .

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