Qila Bar B.Q. Bahria

View of Rawalpindi from Qila Bar B.Q. Bahria phase 4


Qila Bar B.Q. Bahria

The good things about Qila Bar B.Q. Bahria Phase 4 are:-

  1. Amazing roof top view of Bahria Town is unparalleled elsewhere. The clean layout of Bahria town looks very beautiful at night in the vintage soft-yellow street lights. The table at the far corner overlooking Chai Khana is the best location.
  2. A cool breeze blows across the top deck of Qila Bar B.Q. at night. This is god sent during the hot summer months. Qila Bar B.Q. people also have an air-conditioned enclosure for their spoilt customers.
  3. The layout and arrangement of tables is spacious. It’s easy to walk in between the various tables.
  4. The owners and partners are all educated, young entrepreneurs’. I was told even the cashier that day was a medical doctor. It’s funny the medical doctor had a tattoo — I guess he wasn’t made for the profession — and is now where he should have been. Even the waiter was neat looking kid, related to the owners.
  5. On weekends, the owners are all there supervising activities — that is a huge plus. They overlooked preparation, delivery and follow-up of our table, very professionally.
  6. As it is a Bar B.Q. joint mostly, it would be unfair to expect their chicken karahi to be excellent too. So, I wouldn’t recommend it. Bar B.Q. is an art itself. We were left perspiring from all the meat and spices.
  7. We chose the two persons Bar B.Q. platter which was tasty. It had seekh kebabs that looked more Irani, than Turkish. Rice pulao with chicken in the middle (Mandi) was not too bad. Only that the Bar B.Q. chutney was too less for a platter that size.
  8. The roast chicken we ordered was ample size and tasty too. Here too the chutney was a little less.
Qila Bar B.Q. Bahria

The Cons of the place:

  1. Overall I feel the serving size per person can be increased a bit.
  2. The overall bill we received was more than Rs 3500 for three people, when we had ordered a platter for two. This, I feel, can be brought down a few hundred rupees.
  3. There are no serious reviews on Qila Bar B.Q. on Food Panda, Trip Advisor, Face Book or Hi Food to review the restaurant and no delivery service.

The Turkish and Arabic sounding Bar B.Q. dishes like Madhbi, Adana, etc. have equivalent names in Pakistan as well. So just order the Pakistani version.

This is their page https://www.facebook.com/qilabarbqrestaurant/

Qila Bar B.Q. Bahria

For more reviews on restaurant, click this link.

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