invade pakistan

5 steps to invade Pakistan for Dummies

invade pakistan These are five steps to invade Pakistan for Dummies.

Powerful states build alliances based on a sense of mutual destiny and values. As Pakistan is mostly out of sync with the powers to be, in our way of life, an invasion would always be on the cards.

This is ‘invasion Pakistan -101’ for you all in 5 simple steps:

1st blow would be Diplomatic isolation, based on a false flag operation. Significant world economies would outcaste Pakistan as a pariah state, not worth of diplomatic contact. All the western countries and their local lackeys would comply on a cue.

invade pakistan

2nd strike would be severe disinformation campaign (smear) by the powerful world media houses as a country not deserving humane compassion. This campaign would build an impression of Pakistani population as animals, needing taming.

Then 3rd in line would be the Economic squeeze by:

  • Holding back IMF, USAID, DFID, World Bank, Asian Development funds and encouraging other big economies to do so as well. Any funds that do arrive would be inconsequential to job creation like changing electric meters and lining waterways.
  • The world rating agencies like Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s, and Fitch group would downgrade Pakistan’s investment rating to the junk category.
  • As Pakistan depends on US $ to pay for fuel imports, Saudi Arabia would be asked to scale down their support.
  • This would lead to a balance of payment crisis and rupee devaluation

This would be followed by growth slowdown and low tax collection. The government would have no money left to fund bridges, roads, hospitals, and schools.

The once popular political leader would suddenly become unpopular because of increased fuel prices, joblessness, disinformation and international isolation.

An ambitious military leader would be silently encouraged to takeover with the aim to foment lawlessness.

The military ruler would oust the nationalist and progressive prime minister, banish him or have him killed.

The military junta would bring back the real corrupt political leaders to the center and form a cabal of corrupt and inept rulers to back them.

The military ruler would then be tasked by the would-be invaders to reign in the covert arm of Pakistan’s intelligence services and tactical nuclear warheads — with the aim to remove barriers to their invasion. They would also add scaling down of China-Pak Corridor to their list of demands.

The military ruler would be given cash infusion as a shot in the arm, not for permanent economic gains.

Then economic hitmen would fly-in to project the moon and the stars with unnecessary foreign loans and useless schemes, ignoring the fact that the economy cannot sustain with an ignorant and unhealthy population

The military ruler will pile on debt because of ill-conceived shining new projects

This ruler might be asked to open up a war front with a perceived mutual enemy to weaken the state, constitution and rule of law further

Several billion dollars in debt, with society in tatters, weakening rupee, humiliation at the borders with lost territory, the same powers will ask the coup leader to resign

Naturally sensing that he has been conned, the ruler goes on a rampage of arrests, executions and suppression of descent.

This makes the masses rise up in defiance, also at the egging on by the would be invaders

This gives them ground support for invasion, while their military is on standby

All of Pakistan’s institutions would be degraded and denounced publically.

The 4th deliberate act by the invaders would be to let loose the hounds. These hounds would orchestrate terror attacks, mob killings, gun violence, and bank robberies, kidnapping for ransom, gang violence and political assassinations.

With the cities burning, the 5th and final act by the Invading power will present themselves as the saviors of this wretched country and move in to secure Pakistan’s nukes — rest would be piece of cake.

The mission of Regime change, nuclear disarmament, CPEC roll-back, a pliant Muslim country is hereby complete — now this country would be left to the dogs.

[Standing ovation outmaneuver this treacherous scheme, Pakistan needs to protect the constitution, rule of law, judicial independence, and democracy and spend on education massively.

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