PSL Swagger IPL ( Indian Premier League) can never have

pslSo you think IPL (Indian Premier League) is better than PSL (Pakistan Super League) in quality of cricket?

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IPL strengths

You see the $ 5 Billion valuations, $ 2 Million prize money, millionaire players, billion eyeball viewership, 22 countries reach, Chris Gayle, AB Devilliers, glitz Bollywood style, and you get hoodwinked.

Then you catch eye-candy cheerleaders from Russia, movie temptresses in their shades prancing around the stadium, and noisy Indians in the stands and you think what can be better? It doesn’t end here.

You get to see cricketers breaking into the big league, going out with movie stars and models.

Virat Kohli dances and parties like he’s made it and snags Bollywood’s sweetheart Anushka. gets a mean Tattoo and picks and chooses from a lineup of hot girls.

IPL, betting and cheating

Then you hear stories of cheating, match-fixing below all that.

All of this illusion put together feels like an epic movie with sculpted bodies, stunning visuals, Romanesque extravagance, greed, ambition, good storyline with the hero carrying the day eventually, after a battle.

Why is PSL better than IPL in Cricket?

I’ll tell you what IPL doesn’t have— it’s Swagger!

Great things about PSL cricket

PSL has the rawness that shows real courage under fire. It instantly relays disappointments, struggles, grit, mental toughness, genuine passion, and merit.

It’s here at PSL where real heroes are made. This is something that money and IPL (both synonymous), cannot buy.

pslSwag of PSL

Swag is the way Muhammad Amir completely owns Kohli in the Champions trophy, twice! It is the way Fakhar destroyed the Indian attack like they were schoolboys.

Swag is the way Wahab Riaz firing cannons at Steve Smith, knowing fully well Pakistan has lost the race for the world cup.

It’s about having faith and never quitting, something the Indians and their IPL can never know.

Why are Pakistani cricketers so charming?

Pakistanis breathe faith every day. Pakistan’s character has been hardened over years of tempering, this reflects in PSL. While IPL behaves like a housemaid to foreign players, PSL couldn’t care less.

Indian Cricket trying to isolate Pakistan

PSL is Pakistan sticking it to ICC and India for trying to isolate the country. It’s a poke in the eye for Mr. Modi and we love it.

It’s the jubilation of Kashmiris waving the green crescent, under the barrel of the gun. It’s the kick in the behind of all the naysayers who thought Pakistan is a failed state.

Pakistan Cricket PSL’s X factor

Every international team Pakistan decimates is because of this die hard attitude that can’t be faked.

Pele of Brazil had this X factor in soccer and Maradona’s  ‘arm of god’ goal in the world cup is a prime example.

Similarly, no one can take Shahid Afridi’s winning sixer against India out of our national psyche.

You can pay $2.3 Million to Kohli but you can’t force people to love him like they do Afridi.

PSL income and finances

The stats of PSL are not bad either for a nascent tournament. PSL reportedly generated an income of Rs 2.5 Billion, prize money of $ 0.7Million, 10 countries watching, 100 million impressions, and a decent star player participation.

Not to mention PSL trophy with its diamond-studded exterior is a lot prettier than IPL’s—just like our girls.

Why do foreign players love PSL

The real reason why foreign cricketers would love to play in Pakistan is for the experience of handling the most skilled, wily, and aggressive brand of cricket anywhere on the globe.

Things IPL does not have

IPL can’t teach them

  • later reverse swing,
  • teesra,
  • slower balls, and
  • pinch-hitting as the devil possessed.

Even our Ramzan cup has more fireworks than Bangla Cricket League and Big Bash league.

Who will win PSL-7 2022

Most likely Islamabad United will win because it is has the most wins in teh tournament so far at two. Although Multan Sultans are the last time winners, PSL 7 seems to be going in Islamabad United’s favor. 


So, PSL is the Brazil of cricket whereas IPL is Bundesliga. It’s about time BCCI stops behaving like a spoilt brat and let the games begin or else they will miss the Pakistan cricket bus, because PSL is going places.

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