Opening up talks with Pakistan is in India’s interest

India's talks Pakistan

Why opening up talks with Pakistan now is in India’s interest. Here is why

Pakistan is blocking India’s Western Flank

India has to transport goods down south then out towards West thereby rendering them less competitive. This is because of Pakistan’s land blockade.

Pakistan is beyond economic coercion

Pakistan’s predicted annual growth rate over the next 10 years is nearly 6 percent, according to the revised growth projections presented by researchers at the Centre for International Development (CID) at Harvard University.

.A democratic Pakistan is more trustworthy

Pakistan cozying up to China

CPEC is estimated to bring about a two percent jump in Pakistan’s GDP in 2020 for the next decade. India needs to join the bandwagon before it’s too late.

Pakistan blocking India’s limelight

If India wants to get into the big league fast like Nuclear Supplier Group (NSG), it can do without an irritant like Pakistan.

Threat to Sea Lines of Communication SLOC ( Sea Lines Of Communication)

Geography is a biatch! India can ill afford threat to its logistics and energy supply lines that eventually have to come through or close to Pakistani shores.

Kashmir India’s festering wound

A thousand cuts brought one bear down in Afghanistan. Someone needs to learn before Kashmir Gangrenes.

Influence in Indian Muslims

Pakistan has considerable influence on Indian Muslims. A successful and democratic Pakistan will be an inspiration for India’s Muslim population.


Pakistan is a democracy now

Dictators can be coerced, democracies can lie in wait. Coercing a democracy can backfire in the long term.

Limiting Indian influence in Islamic World

Pakistan is influential enough in the Islamic world not to let India make inroads diplomatically.

India is smarter than this. Wasting diplomatic energy in isolating Pakistan will not work as Pakistan has Muslim allies that will not let it fail completely. It would serve India’s economy best by immediately opening up a dialog with Pakistan on all issues.

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