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Every one want to know about  COVID-19 Corona Virus prevention cure, latest updates in Pakistan.

So these are the latest figures, number and updates as of 21 May 2020 on Corona Virus prevention cure in Pakistan, as pasted below 

In these official statistics of Corona virus deaths in Pakistan, the number is 2% deaths, which is consistent with countries with high ambient temperatures. 

Corona Virus statistics in India as of 21 May 2020 shows a 3% mortality as is pasted below

COVID-19 is a relatively new strain of the series of Corona Viruses that have already killed a lot of people around the world in the last two decades. The sister Corona strains are the SARS and MERS Corona virus strains. Unfortunately, because the last outbreak of SARS never really reached the affluent, relatively older, white westerners, the funding for the vaccine was dropped when new cases went down. Suddenly, COVID-19 or SAR-CoV-2 Has come back  with a vengeance and this time it has reached the heart of Europe and their spoilt rich folk that hide behind metal barriers and walls of protection, while the rest of the world lives in squalid conditions perpetuated by corruption, insecurity, poverty and oppression.

The latest figures and statistics of Corona Virus or COVID-19 as of 28 March, 2020 show a 4.5% average death rate average across the whole world. Most of these dead are old and infirm people, young people with medical conditions like asthma, diabetes and low immunity. The latest Corona Virus news indicate that the death rate is highest in Italy and Spain where it is close to 9% and lowest in USA where it is 2%. In Pakistan and India, because of poor spending on healthcare, spread of the virus outpaces detection by several days. In these poor countries where teeming millions toil in wretchedness, the old and infirm die out early anyways, so the official figure of death is 1%. Another reason could be that the weak have already died off in the last outbreaks of SARS, MERS, Dengue and Ebola that has known to be around in these parts.

The vaccine for COVID-19 is at least one year away. Currently, scientists are just about ready to test the RNA form of vaccine on humans. RNA antigen is the laboratory gene editing technique that shortens the time taken to weaken COVID-19 virus by several years. The only challenge is for the edited RNA of COVID to survive long enough to reach human cells for them to develop a robust reaction, followed by permanent immunity from a similar virus attack.

As the COVID-19 vaccine will take at least a year in human testing and then mass production; we are stuck with a 6.6% per day propagation rate of this virus in the general population — and that too with quarantine in place.  As a Pakistani, we should reconcile to the fact that we have to get back to work in a month or so, and will probably get the virus at some stage. That’s not bad for young people that eat lots of natural food, exercise regularly and stay in the sun for some time every day. The real vulnerable are old people, in their 70s and beyond. As the SARS-CoV-2 is not mutating, old people need to build up their resistance by strength training, in order to survive the inevitable infection. Maybe a few months down the line, due to herd immunity, and temperatures going above the 31 0 C mark, the Corona COVID-19 virus spread in Pakistan would weaken considerably. This is what luckily happens in Pakistan with Dengue virus after winter rains and MERS after Hajj season. Corona Virus transmission to the next host is definitely affected when temperatures cross 30 0 Centigrade and all the usual modes of transfer like air, metals, woods, heat up.

The symptoms of Corona Virus COVID-19 appear 3-10 days after exposure to the virus droplets that are transmitted from the effected person’s nasal cavity to the next. The symptoms are:-

Day 1  –           Sore Throat, redness of eyes

Day 3  –           Low grade fever i.e. 100 o C, dry cough

Day 4  –           Nausea, Diarrhea and abdominal cramps

Day 5  –           High grade fever, nausea, rigors and loss of appetite and taste

Day 6  –           Myalgia, chest pain and high grade fever i.e. 102 0 C

Day 7 to 17     –     Diarrhea, sore throat, burning eye, shallow breathing, dry cough

Sometimes, dry cough comes very late and the order can be shuffled.

Prevention of Covid -19 Corona Virus is:

  1. Wash your hands frequently with soap to destroy the protective fat around the Corona Virus.
  2. Avoid crowded spaces
  3. Keep 3 meter distance from people
  4. Do not touch people, door knobs or objects that are exposed to the public.
  5. Don’t pick your nose, clear your eyes or mouth with your hand.
  6. Prefer sunny, airy and less frequented places to work
  7. Exercise for 30 minutes, five days a week
  8. Eat organic, non-processed food and avoid sugars
  9. Rest and Sleep to build immunity
  10. Keep in touch with loved ones and friends on social media, like Facebook, Whatsapp, Face time etc. to ward of depression.
  11. Maintain reasonable temperatures i.e. 27 0 C inside and outside your residence or work place.

Whatever you do, keep away from old relatives

Cure of Covid-19 SARS-Cov-2 Corona Virus is:

  1. Lot of rest and plenty of warm fluids like tea and Kehwa (green tea)
  2. Honey to sooth the throat and nasal track
  3. Cardamom, Turmeric and Garlic to build resistance and keep the digestive track protected.
  4. Vitamin C supplements
  5. Plenty of sunshine
  6. Zero processed sugar
  7. Yakhni or soups
  8. Smoothies of Lentils, Sardines, Kel, Avocado, oranges and bananas
  9. Choroquin to help reduce pneumonia like symptoms and virus propagation.
  10. Remdesevir, used to treat Ebola, is known to reduce symptoms of Corona.
  11. HIV drugs that restrict enzymes inside the virus that limit its ability to invade health cells.
  12. Tylenol( paracetamol) pain killers

Is Corona Virus created in the laboratory by us? The brief answer is no — judging from the publically available data. However, viruses have been used since ancient times as a weapon of war. When the big guns fail, they dish out virus infected blankets or carcasses, to snuff out the enemy. The only sure test of whether Corona virus epidemic was deliberate or just a conspiracy theory, is to wait and see which powerful country benefits in the end from this crisis the most.

Since the rich countries have gotten a taste of how it feels to be powerless in the face of daunting odds, something the poor of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh have gotten accustomed to; it would be noble to write of debts these countries owe.

Maybe this is a wakeup call for the high and mighty who thought they are A-mortal and go about killing, abusing, stealing, hoarding, cheating and amassing wealth — at the detriment of the little guy.

Mother Nature has been around for billions of years you know, and has been there, done that; maybe it’s time for the rich to open their hearts and wealth to the poor.

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