Quantum Physics

10 Unbelievable Highs’ of Quantum Physics

Watching Scotty beaming up Captain Kirk in ‘Star Trek’, Mathew McConaughey communicating with his daughter from another dimension in ‘Interstellar’ would rattle the sanest of minds. What would really knock you off the rocker is that all that is very likely going to happen in the not-too-distant future. Here are some kickass Quantum physics nuggets for the Trekkie in you:-

Teleporting using E=MC2 means that Scotty can beam us onto a Vulcan planet and back in no time. In fact, actual teleporting of DNA and viruses in the laboratory is possible in the not-so-distant future. Quran refers to this phenomenon in Sura’ Al Israa (Miraaj), when the prophet Mohammad (PBUH) ascended to heavens’.

The controlling speed of intergalactic travel has been simulated in the lab. That is, we have actually brought down the speed of light to zero inside the lab by passing it through ultra-cooled rubidium.

As theorists say the whole universe and everything in it (all mass) started with a single speck of bright light. Reversing the same, humanity can therefore be condensed back Into a Sugar Cube. This is because the space between the atomic particles – protons, neutrons, electrons is huge. Oh, but that Sugar Cube Would Weigh Five Billion Tons as it would be tightly packed.

Space travelers might end up younger than us. Relativity’ says that velocity and gravity both affect the speed of time, the higher both are, the slower time would pass. Astronauts aboard the International Space Station experience slower time (roughly 1 second ‘lost’ every 747 days) as they have a reduced gravity but higher travel speed around Earth. GPS satellites also have faster clocks to cater to this phenomenon.

Despite all the advances made in astrophysics and the discovery of various outlier planets beyond our solar system, we don’t know what makes up the majority of the universe. Although we have estimated the total mass of the entire universe, we are sure of is only the visible matter i.e. stars, planets, stellar objects, which accounts for just 2-4% of the total. What exactly makes up the rest is called ‘dark matter and ‘dark energy, and that is the mystery. Even Quran refers to ‘Alam ul Ghaib’ (the realm of the unknown).

Man is a Walking Hydrogen-Bomb. As the 1st Law of Thermodynamics states that energy must be equal to Energy out so, whatever we ingest has that amount of energy stored in our body. This is an average of 7×1018 joules. This amount of energy released instantly would have the same power as 30 hydrogen bombs.

As energy doesn’t die and can only change the form, so You Are Technically Immortal.

You might have read this blog in a previous life. Physicists say this universe plays out repeatedly in exactly the same way. You might have lived, read this blog, died, and lived the same life again. Big ‘Bang’ theory states that the universe started with a ‘bang’, followed by ‘crunch’ and then ‘bang’ again, in a cyclical pattern. This cycle applies to the people in the universe as well. So, you’ll get another chance to read my blog.

The faster you go, the more weight you gain. As we approach the speed of light, mass begins to increase dramatically. At slow speeds like in an accelerating airplane, the increase in mass does happen but it is negligible and only temporary. The reason for this is ‘Relativity’, which says that mass and energy affect each other directly.

Quantum Physics has not advanced enough yet to find the divine according to the physicists. In reply to a question on the issue, Dr. Gianotti, Director General of CERN laboratory said, “there are people who say,” oh, what I observe brings me to beyond what I see”, and there are people who say, “ What I observe is what I believe, and I stop here”. It’s enough to say that physics cannot demonstrate the existence or not of the divine”

Stephen Hawking a physicist has said many quotes regarding quantum physics. you can find it on this link.

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